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July 9

Seacoast Bank Historic Moment: Bank offers loyalty war token recognizing "Blue Star" mothers

During World War II, it was not easy to bring in the money needed to support families. Seacoast Bank chose to honor the families of those who fought in the war with Blue Star tokens. Learn why they we...
July 9

Seacoast Bank Historic Moment: Bank's executive vice president secures television sponsorship...

It's not every day the executive vice president of a bank saves a nationally syndicated television show. Learn how Seacoast Bank played a vital role in the 1950s to save a television program from the ...
July 9

Seacoast Bank Historic Moment: Hudson Court was named after the bank's founder

There are a number of iterations businesses go through in any community, and often these buildings, roadways, and courts are named for great members of the community. Learn how Hudson Court got its na...
July 9

Seacoast Historic Moment: A look back in time

Important dates, times, and moments are captured throughout history in a variety of ways. Check out our historic timeline of important Seacoast Bank dates in our time as your trusted local business.
July 9

Seacoast Bank Reflections: Founder starts bank during the Great Depression

Starting a business isn't easy, but beginning your business during The Great Depression takes a great amount of courage, strength, and dedication. Learn how our founder, Dennis S. Hudson Sr., got Seac...
July 9

Seacoast Historic Moment: Citizens' giveaways included a small glass dish with bank building ...

It's not uncommon for businesses to change names over the years. At Seacoast Bank, we never forget our origins. Learn how our first iteration as Citizens Bank of Stuart offered stylish plates to citiz...
July 9

Seacoast Historic Moment: Hudson family had many 'celebrity' friends over the years

From renowned artists to comic strip producers, the Hudson Family had the honor and privilege of interacting with plenty of celebrities over the years. Take a quick peek at some of our most cherished ...
July 9

Seacoast Historic Moment: Add-O-Banks encouraged people to save

Understanding the methods people use to save money is vital for the success of banks or any partner in the financial industry. Learn how Add-O-Banks by Seacoast Bank were the answer to some of our fir...

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