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Issuing and collecting payments is quick, easy and secure with Seacoast Bank and the ACH Network.

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is a network used for electronically transferring funds between bank accounts
across the US. Not only are ACH bank payments convenient, but they often have lower transaction fees than credit and debit cards
and eliminate the security risks of paper checks.

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What is an ACH Bank Transfer?

There are two main types of ACH transfers: ACH debit origination, which allows you to collect payments,
and ACH credit origination, which allows you to issue payments.

ACH Debit Origination Benefits: 

  • There are two main reasons to use ACH Debit Origination: cash collection and cash concentration
    • Cash Collection: ACH Debit Origination allows for the fastest retrieval of money from customers
    • Cash Concentration: ACH Debit Origination allows businesses like retailers with multiple locations (which often maintain accounts at more than one bank) to consolidate funds in one depository account
  • An ACH bank transfer is often more cost-effective than originating drawdown wire transfers or issuing and processing checks
  • Funds transferred electronically are generally available for use the next business day

ACH Credit Origination Benefits:

  • Cost and efficiency are the two main benefits of originating payments via the ACH network
  • When sending numerous or recurring payments, ACH credit origination is cost-effective and convenient
  • Businesses often use this for "direct deposit" of funds to employees, retirees or other recurring payment recipients
  • Allows the flexibility of funding accounts maintained at other banks


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