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Where possible, we will remain open by drive thru or lobby appointment only at our branches. While we encourage the use of our online and mobile banking applications whenever possible, Seacoast bankers will be available by appointment for activities that cannot be done via online or mobile banking.

To schedule an appointment, please visit SeacoastBank.com/locations/all

To learn more about PPP forgiveness and to begin the application process visit SeacoastBank.com/ppp-loan-forgiveness

To change your address, you may:

  • Contact us at 866.710.5778
  • Visit any branch for assistance 
  • Change through Personal Online Banking
    • Once you log in, select Customer Service and then Change Address

To send an external transfer to an account that belongs to you:
To enroll, log into your online banking, and click Get Started With External Transfers under the Pay and Transfer section on the dashboard.

Next, click Add External Account, select the account type (Checking or Savings) and then enter the routing number and account number for your external account.

Finally, confirm and submit.

Seacoast will credit and debit two small dollar transactions to your other bank account within two days. Once verification of the transaction amounts has been completed, you will be able to set up one time or recurring transfers between your two bank accounts. Enrollment may take 2-3 business days. Once enrolled, transfers may take up to 3 business days for completion.

To send money electronically to someone else:
To enroll, log into your online banking and click Pay People under the Pay and Transfer section on the dashboard.

Next, read and agree to the terms under the "Ready to Get Started?" section of the page, and click Enroll.

Select the Seacoast account you'd like to transfer the money from, and click Enroll.

Your enrollment request will be processed within 2 business days. When completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and can begin making people payments online.

View the schedule of fees and service charges.

If your purse or wallet was stolen, you may contact us at 866.710.5778 or you may visit any branch for assistance.

If you aren't able to find your checkbook, you may contact us at 866.710.5778 or you may visit any branch for assistance.

If you've discovered fraudulent checks or charges on your account, you may contact us at 866.710.5778 or you may visit any branch for assistance.

Ordering more checks is quick and easy:

You may order more checks through online banking
through the secure Order My Checks portal using the Seacoast Bank routing number 067005158.

Contact us at 866.710.5778

You can transfer money between your Seacoast accounts by:

You can place a stop payment on a check you wrote by calling us at 866.710.5778, visiting any branch, or within online banking following these steps:
Click Customer Service on the top menu > Under Account Services, click Stop a check > input the account and check information to complete this request.

For a stop payment on a bill payment, it may take up to 48 hours to receive the funds back into the account.

Seacoast Bank's routing number is 067005158 Seacoast Bank's SWIFT code is SNBFUS3F

All Seacoast Bank branches have notaries on hand. We do recommend calling the branch ahead of time or make an appointment online to ensure the notary will be available in the office when you’re ready to come in with your documents.

All 1098s and 1099s are mailed by January 31st. No notice is sent if the interest earned per tax identification number is less than $10.00 or interest paid per tax identification number is less than $600.00 (interest paid on loan).

Yes, Seacoast Bank is FDIC insured. The FDIC Standard Maximum Deposit Insurance Amount for deposits has been permanently increased to $250,000 per deposit or per insurance financial institution.

If you would like to find out more information about the foreclosed properties we have for sale, please call the Special Assets Department at 772.221.2933.

The fax number for Credit References and Verification of Deposits is 772.221.3029.

FastLane is Seacoast's telephone banking system. You can call 866.674.5578 to securely check account balances, verify checks that have cleared your account, and transfer funds between accounts

Call 866.674.5578 to access FastLane.

You can use Zelle with your Seacoast Bank Visa® Debit Card to send and receive money.
To do so:

  • Download the Zelle app for Google Play or Apple Store
  • Enroll with your mobile number and your Seacoast Bank Visa® Debit Card
  • Start sending money to friends, family and people you know and trust*

*It is recommended that you DO NOT use Zelle for transactions that might be considered high-risk or with individuals you do not personally know. Once you authorize a payment to be sent to a recipient enrolled in Zelle, it cannot be cancelled. Review Zelle’s security information for more details.

Zelle® and the Zelle® related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. Seacoast Bank® does not maintain any role or responsibility in the operation, security, or risk associated with the use of Zelle®.

To activate your debit card, you may:

  • Use your PIN to complete an ATM transaction
  • Use your PIN to complete a purchase with a merchant
  • Contact us at 866.710.5778
  • Visit  any branch for assistance 

If you need to order a new debit card or reorder a debit card, you may contact us at 866.710.5778 or you may visit any branch for assistance.

If your debit card is missing, you can easily manage your card(s) on the Seacoast Mobile App. With SecurLock, accessible within the app, you have the ability to turn your card(s) off in real time if lost or stolen.
You may contact us at 866.710.5778 or you may visit any branch for assistance.

If you know your current PIN and you would like to change it, you may:

You can self-enroll for Personal or Business online banking or call our customer service team at 866.710.5778 to assist in creating your online account.

Once logged into the Seacoast Mobile Banking app, simply tap on the title of each section of the app and a help screen will appear that explains the features on each section and how to use them.

Example: If you are in the Transfers section of your app, simply tap your finger on the word Transfers at the top of the screen and a help screen will appear that explains how to transfer money from your mobile app.

Once logged into your Seacoast Online Banking account, you will find feature-specific FAQ and Glossary at the bottom of each page.

This information will help you understand the features of each page and how to properly use them.

Login here »

Once logged into your online banking account, select the Pay and Transfer option in the main menu (across the top of your online banking account main page).

To edit a payee, navigate to the list of people and businesses you pay (within your Bill Pay section of your account), click the appropriate name and then click the View/Change payee details link. From the Payee Details page, you can click "delete payee", etc.

Your password can be changed within online banking and can be updated at any time but only once per day.
To access the Change Password page:

  • Login to online banking
  • Select "more" at the top right
  • Choose "customer service"
  • Under "settings" select password
  • Complete the requirements and click submit

Please Note: Your password is case sensitive and must include both letters and numbers. It must be at least 8 characters in length and cannot include more than 32 characters. It cannot begin or end with a space and cannot include a single quotation mark, a double quotation mark, a comma, a greater-than symbol, or a less-than symbol.

For a forgotten password:

  • Go to Online Banking Login
  • Enter your User ID and click Log In
  • Click on “Forgot your password” found below
  • Follow the on screen prompts

If the Forgot your password option is not showing on your screen you are locked out and must call us at 866.710.5778 for assistance.

For a forgotten username:
Your username can be confirmed by a customer service representative. Please call 866.710.5778 for assistance in getting access to your forgotten username.

Yes, Seacoast offers both a data download option and a Direct Connect option for Quicken or QuickBooks users.
Direct Connect is a service that automatically downloads your banking transactions into QuickBooks or Quicken. To sign up for direct connect you can click here »

For Personal Online Banking downloads to Quicken, sign into your personal online banking and click “Accounts”, “Download Banking Transactions” and specify the data that you wish to download.

For Business Online Banking downloads to QuickBooks or Quicken, sign into your business online banking and click “Reports” “Activity” and specify the data that you wish to download.

There are no limits for Digital Deposits at Seacoast Bank.

Please call our customer service team at 866.710.5778 to add an account to your mobile banking app.

You can use the Search Your Transaction History page to limit or increase the number of completed transactions that are displayed on the Account Activity page.

  • Click the Accounts tab. Result: The Accounts menu is displayed.
  • Click the Account Activity menu item. Result: The Account Activity page is displayed.
  • Click Search Your Transaction History. Result: The Search Your Transaction History page is displayed.

Select the type of search you want to perform and, if needed, enter additional details.

If desired, enter a different range of dates in the From and To fields.

  • Click Search. Result: The Account Activity page is displayed with the completed transactions you specified.

Online Banking uses several layers of authentication for your security. 

In addition to the standard two layer approach of a User ID and Password, Seacoast employs advanced authentication methods that use sophisticated device identification and login monitoring technology to identify login anomalies and then present a stepped-up authentication process that uses out-of-band or out-of-wallet solutions.

Our User ID and Password are case sensitive and must include a combination of letters and numbers. 

We send User ID and Password change alerts and have implemented Session time-out controls for the safety of our customers.

More information is available within our Security and Privacy Policies

You may retrieve account statements on your Business Online Banking account for up to 18 months at no additional charge.

Wires are to be submitted by 5pm EST to be sent the same business day. If not received by 5pm, the wire will go out the following business day.

Seacoast Deposit Customers may transfer funds online from any Seacoast Bank deposit account to make your loan payment.

Non-Seacoast Deposit Customers cannot make online loan payments at this time.

Liens are released 2 weeks after the payoff date.

Titles held in electronic format take up to 72 business hours for the DMV to complete the release. You will receive a completed electronic release letter.
Please Note: if the loan is paid off by a dealer or insurance company, then the letter is mailed to them.

Paper titles are signed off and mailed to you with a letter. If the loan was paid off by a 3rd party (dealer or insurance company), the title is mailed per the letter of instruction received with the payoff.

Please call our customer service team at 866.710.5778 to create an online account for your mortgage payments.

Seacoast Bank's Mortgagee Clause is:

Seacoast National Bank
PO BOX 9012
Stuart, FL 34995-9012

Seacoast Bank offers a variety of mortgage loan options, check them out here ». We also offer commercial real estate loans.
If you're interested in a Seacoast Mortgage loan, we're here to help:

Seacoast offer loans for primary, second home and investment buyers. We also finance commercial real estate.

Insurance agents may submit evidence of insurance by fax to 772.403.0507 or by email to loan.insurance@seacoastbank.com.

The fax number for Credit References and Verification of Deposits is 772.221.3029.

The fax number for a Verification of Mortgage is 772.286.7298.

The cut-off time for an ACH is 4pm EST. If received after 4pm or on a non-business day, the ACH will go out the following business day.

In order to make sure that your payment is received in time, you will need to send your ACH 2 days prior to the effective date.

The cut-off time for same-day RDC credit is 8:00 pm eastern each business day.

Funds deposited before 8:00 pm eastern on a bank business day will generally be made available the first Bank Business Day after the day of deposit.

Funds deposited after 8:00 pm eastern or on a non-business day will generally be made available on the 2nd Bank Business Day after the day of deposit. Longer delays to the availability of funds may apply.

Seacoast Bank's Customer Service Center is available at 866.710.5778 or choose from one of the options below.  


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