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Ordering more checks is quick and easy:

  • You can re-order checks through online banking by selecting Account Services, then select Check Reorder
  • For first-time check orders, use our secure Order My Checks portal with the Seacoast Bank routing number 067005158.

Contact us by calling 866.710.5778 or send a secure message through Seacoast Bank Online Banking.

To send a secure message:

  • Select Messages from the menu
  • Click on the pencil icon or create a message to send a secure message to Seacoast Bank.

You can place a stop payment on a check you wrote by calling 866.710.5778, visiting any branch, or within online banking following these steps:

  • Select Account Services in the menu 
  • Click Stop Payment 
  • Complete the form and click request stop payment to submit

Yes. Images are available for 18 months regardless of image type or method of deposit.

Contact 866.710.5778 or visit any branch for assistance.

Contact 866.710.5778 or visit any branch for assistance.

If you've discovered fraudulent checks or charges on your account, you may contact  866.710.5778 or visit any branch for assistance.

All 1098s and 1099s are mailed by January 31st. No notice is sent if the interest earned per tax identification number is less than $10 or interest paid per tax identification number is less than $600 (interest paid on loan).

You can also access your tax forms or other notices through Seacoast Bank Online Banking by selecting eStatements & Notices on the menu.

Yes, you have the option to go paperless, opt-out of paper statements, and receive convenient online statements instead. Statement delivery preferences must be set prior to the next statement mailing.

For a stop payment on a bill payment, it may take up to 48 hours to receive the funds back into the account.

Once logged into your online banking account, select the Money Movement from the menu, then Bill Pay

To edit a payee, navigate to the list of people and businesses you pay (within your Bill Pay section of your account), click the appropriate name and then click the View/Change payee details link. From the Payee Details page, you can click Delete Payee, etc.

To activate your debit card, you may:

  • Use your PIN to complete an ATM transaction
  • Use your PIN to complete a purchase with a merchant
  • Call 866.840.0825
  • Visit any branch for assistance 

Contact 866.710.5778 or visit any branch for assistance.

Contact 866.710.5778 or visit any branch for assistance.

If you know your current PIN and would like to change it, you may:

You can self-enroll for Personal or Business online banking or call customer service at 866.710.5778 to assist in creating your online account.

Once logged into your Seacoast Bank Online Banking account, you will find feature-specific Instructional Videos at the bottom of the menu. This information will help you understand the features and how to properly use them. Login here »

Your password can be changed within online banking and can be updated at any time but only once per day. To change your password:

  • Login to online banking and follow the steps below
  • Under Alerts & Settings click on Security Preferences
  • Click on the Change Password tab
  • Enter the old password and the new password as noted and click on Change Password.


For a forgotten password:

For a forgotten Login ID:

  • By registering your computer you may not be asked to obtain a Secure Access Code at each login.
  • If you choose not to register the computer you will be asked to go through the Secure Access Code process each time you log in on this computer. You should NOT register a public computer or a computer that others might use outside of your control.

You can remove the registration of a computer/browser by deleting your cookies, or only the cookie related to our online site. Please see your browser help for assistance in deleting cookies.

Supported browsers include the current and previous two versions of:

  • Google Chrome (Windows, Mac)
  • Edge (Windows)
  • Firefox (Windows, Mac)
  • Safari (Mac)

Internet Explorer and older versions of the browsers listed above are not supported.

For a full listing of system and browser requirements or to learn how to check and/or update your browser, reference our User Requirements Document.

Seacoast Bank Online Banking uses several layers of authentication for your security.

In addition to the standard two-layer approach of a Login ID and Password, Seacoast uses advanced authentication methods that use sophisticated device identification and login monitoring technology to identify login anomalies and then present a stepped-up authentication process that uses out-of-band or out-of-wallet solutions.

We send Login ID and Password change alerts and have implemented session time-out controls for the safety of our customers.

More information is available within our Security and Privacy Policies.

No, it is only a temporary access code. Never enter a secure access code on the login page as a password or as an existing password when instructed to change your password or establish a new password.

The Seacoast Bank Online Banking system does not support sending secure access codes to phone number extensions. However, you can receive the secure access code via email or text. To update your Secure Access contact information, navigate to Alerts & Settings, Security Preferences, and Secure Delivery.

Yes, to add additional options for receiving your secure access code, navigate to Alerts & Settings, Security Preferences, and Secure Delivery.

Seacoast Bank Online Banking is designed to fully safeguard the privacy and security of your financial information. Unlike normal Internet communication, all information sent to and from our processing center is encrypted and sent through a secure communications channel. Messages cannot be redirected, read, or tampered with. We also take advantage of the maximum level of security supported by your browser.

Yes, there is an available link for every account titled ‘Ask a question’ within online banking. Navigate to this link by clicking on the account in question on the home screen, then click on the 3 dot icon to the right of the screen and select ‘Ask a question’.

Yes, your message is SSL encrypted and is never sent through public, unsecured communication channels like email communication.

Yes, by clicking on the account on the homepage, you be able to see the ‘Account Details’ page. The ‘Export’ option (↓ Arrow down icon) is located on the right side of the screen. The following export formats are available:

  • Spreadsheet XLS
  • Spreadsheet CSV
  • Microsoft OFX
  • Quicken QFX
  • Quickbooks QBO

We’ve created step-by-step instructional videos to guide you on the use of some of the most popular features and functions. Links for the videos are listed in the menu within Seacoast Bank Online Banking.

Utilize the secure message center to contact us, or for time-sensitive requests please call 866.710.5778, Mon – Fri 7 am – 10 pm, Sat 8:30 am – 5 pm.

Yes, you can change the nickname by selecting the 3 dot icon to the right of the account from the homepage then select ‘Nickname Account’.

Your profile information may be used within the online banking system to pre-populate certain data or forms. In addition, we may rely on this profile contact information to contact you regarding online banking-related issues or to provide you with information on these services; therefore, it is important to keep this information up-to-date.

You can download the Seacoast Mobile Banking app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

No, you do not need a separate Login ID and password to log into the Mobile Banking app. The same Login ID and password you use to access your Online Banking account can be used to access your account through desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Once logged into the Seacoast Mobile Banking app, you can navigate by simply touching the account you would like to view or by touching your menu selection at the bottom of the screen.

The same features and functions available with online banking, are available within the mobile app.

The mobile app requires your mobile service provider’s data and/or text plan. Message and data rates may apply. There are no additional fees assessed by Seacoast for downloading the app to your device or using the app.

The following mobile/devices are supported:

  • iOS phone
  • Android phone
  • iOS tablet
  • Android tablet
  • Apple watch

Reference the User Requirements Document for full details.

Funds deposited before 7 pm eastern on a bank business day will generally be made available the first bank business day after the day of deposit.

Funds deposited after 7 pm eastern or on a non-business day will generally be made available on the 2nd bank business day after the day of deposit. Longer delays to the availability of funds may apply.

While mobile deposits are processing they will appear in the Online Activity Center under Deposited Checks in the Money Movement section of Seacoast online and mobile banking. Once the deposit has been processed, it will be available and reflected in transaction history.

Yes, the app will prompt you to take a picture of both the front and back of your check. As with any check deposit, you will need to endorse the back of the check.

When you submit the check, the app will review your submission. If the picture is not clear enough, you will receive an error message. You will need to re-enter the information and re-capture the images (front and back) to submit the deposit again.

The app will tell you that the deposit was submitted. However, that doesn't mean that the deposit is complete. The check may be rejected based on the limit, quality of image, or other reasons dependent upon the situation. You should hold on to the check until you see it posted on your statement. If for any reason your check is returned from the processing bank, we will send you an electronic representation of the original check you initially deposited for verification.

Here are some best practices for banking on your mobile device:

  • To prevent viruses or other unwanted problems, do not open attachments from unknown or untrustworthy sources.
  • Do not install pirated software or software from unknown sources.
  • Limit unauthorized access to your cell phone. Do not leave your mobile phone unattended during an open mobile banking session.
  • Never save your Login ID and Password on the mobile phone, in memos, or anywhere on your device.
  • Be aware of the potential for fraudulent Mobile Banking apps.

By default, apps on your iPhone and iPad should automatically update. However, in your App Store settings, if you have turned off Automatic Updates, Cellular Data for Automatic Downloads, or established a cellular download limit, the app will not automatically update and you will need to manually update the app on your iPhone or iPad. 

To manually update apps on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the App Store
  • Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen
  • Scroll to see pending updates and release notes.
  • Tap Update next to the Seacoast Mobile Banking app to manually update the app. 

Contact 866.710.5778 or send a secure message through Seacoast Bank Online Banking.

To send a secure message:

  • Select Messages from the menu
  • Click on the pencil icon or create a message to submit the request.

To take advantage of the Text Banking features you need to be enrolled in Seacoast Bank Online Banking.

To enroll in Text Banking:

  • Navigate to the Account Services menu and then select the Text Banking option.
  • Enter the SMS text number and agree to the Terms by checking the box.
  • Once complete, click Save.

Yes, once you have enrolled in Text Banking you will be able to request balances through your mobile device.

  • Go to the Online Activity option under the Money Movement menu.
  • Locate the transaction that needs to be canceled. Check that the transaction status is Drafted
  • Click the 3 dot icon to the right of the transaction, select Cancel.

Note: If the transaction has a status of Processed it cannot be canceled.

The process date is in the past, the transaction is already in processed status or the user does not have cancellation rights.

Yes, simply select the transaction in question, then the three dots to the right and then select Ask a question. This will create a secure message with all of the pertinent details for a Seacoast associate to research.

Within online banking or the Seacoast Mobile Banking app:

  • Click or tap on the account tile/name to view the transaction history.
  • To search for a specific transaction, select the magnifying glass to open the search bar; from there you can search by amount, name, or check number.
  • If you do not have the specific information you can utilize the funnel to broaden your search. This feature will provide you with an opportunity to search several ranges including dollar amount, date, and description.

Yes, under Money Management select Transfer. You’ll have the ability to initiate a one-time or recurring transfer by setting the Frequency for the transfer. Transfers can be made to either a Seacoast Bank account or to an external account, once that account has been set up and verified.

Yes. Use the following steps:

  • Go to Online Activity under the Money Movement menu and locate the recurring transfer.
  • Click on the 3 dot icon to the right of the transaction, select the Edit option to modify the transfer.
  • Make the desired change to the new transaction and submit.

Note: If the recurring transfer End Date has been reached, you will no longer be able to edit it.

  • Search for the transaction in the Online Activity option under the Money Movement menu.
  • Check and confirm whether the transaction is in Drafted status. If it is, the transaction was never approved by the user.

You can transfer money between your Seacoast accounts by:

  • Logging in to online or mobile banking and selecting the Money Movement menu, then select Transfer.
  • Through FastLane at 866.674.5578
  • Contact customer service at 866.710.5778
  • Visit any branch for assistance

Yes. Personal banking customers can transfer money between a Seacoast Bank checking and savings accounts and accounts you may have at other financial institutions. To learn more about transferring funds to your account at another financial institution, click Manage External Accounts from the Money Movement menu.

Yes, Seacoast Bank has partnered with Zelle® to provide you with a great way to move money in the moment.

Here’s how to get started with Zelle®:

  • Login to Seacoast Bank Online Banking or Seacoast Mobile Banking app
  • Select Money Movement
  • Select Send Money with Zelle®
  • Enroll your U.S. mobile number or email address*
  • Send money to friends, family, and others you know and trust

Learn more about using Zelle®

* U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. Transactions between enrolled users typically occur in minutes.

There are no limits on the amount of money you can receive.
For your protection, we have standard limits on the amount of money you can send. Using your Seacoast Bank Online Bank account or the Seacoast Mobile Banking app you can send up to $1,000 in a single transaction and up to $1,000 per day.

Seacoast Bank has partnered with Zelle® to provide you a fast, safe, and easy way to send money in minutes* to friends, family and others you know right from Seacoast Bank Online Banking and Seacoast Mobile Banking app. Zelle® makes it easy to send or receive money with the people you trust who have a bank account in the U.S., all you need is a U.S. mobile phone number or email address.
Learn more about using Zelle®

* U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. Transactions between enrolled users typically occur in minutes.
Zelle and the Zelle related trademarks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

Yes, however you must enroll at each financial institution using a unique email address or U.S. mobile phone number. For example, if enrolled at bank A using your U.S. mobile phone number, you could enroll at bank B using your email address.
Learn more about using Zelle®

You can set up alerts for date reminders, posted transaction history, balance notifications, online transactions, and more.

Yes, there are four (4) types of alerts that you can create: Account, History, Online Transactions, and Reminders. To create an alert, select Alerts & Settings from the main menu, then select Alerts and select the type of alert you would like to create or edit. In addition, a running list of any pushed alerts will be archived in the main menu under Messages.

Alerts can be sent by email, voice, text, push notifications, or secure message within online banking.

Some security alerts are presented as a default to all users. However, optional alerts are configurable at the user level.

Yes, alerts are account-specific and must be established for each account desired.

Each type of alert (Account, History, Online Transactions and Reminder) can be customized with the delivery frequencies that meet your need.

If you believe you did not receive an alert email, please check your message mailbox under the Messages menu to confirm receipt. If you received your secure message, but not your email, check your junk email folder first. If your alert is delivered as junk mail, configure your junk mail settings to allow email from our email address. If there is no alert in your online secure mailbox, it was not sent. Confirm that the alert is enabled by selecting Alerts & Settings from the main menu and then selecting Alerts. If you still believe you did not receive an alert, please contact 866.710.5778, Mon – Fri 7 am – 10 pm, Sat 8:30 am – 5 pm.

You will have the option to set up security alerts on your account. We will send notifications to let you know when certain security events happen. By default, you may already have some alerts selected that you may not be able to turn off. If you enter multiple delivery channels (email, phone, and/or text if applicable), you will get the same alert in all selected channels.

Yes, security alerts are event-driven and are sent in real-time when the event occurs. Therefore, these alerts cannot be scheduled.

Seacoast Bank customers with deposit accounts may complete a loan payment online by transferring funds from any Seacoast Bank deposit account to make your loan payment.

Customers with consumer loans who are enrolled in online banking and do not have a Seacoast Bank checking or savings account can connect an external account within online banking account to enable online loan payments.

Liens are released two weeks after the payoff date. Titles held in electronic format take up to 72 business hours for the DMV to complete the release. You will receive a completed electronic release letter.

Note: if a loan is paid off by a dealer or insurance company, the letter is mailed to them. Paper titles are signed off and mailed to you with a letter. If the loan was paid off by a third party (dealer or insurance company), the title is mailed per the letter of instruction received with the payoff.


Please call our customer service team at 866.710.5778 to create an online account for your mortgage payments.

Seacoast Bank's Mortgagee Clause is:

Seacoast National Bank
PO Box 940036
Maitland, FL 32794

Seacoast Bank offers a variety of mortgage loan options, check them out here ». We also offer commercial real estate loans.
If you're interested in a Seacoast Mortgage loan, we're here to help:

Seacoast offer mortgage loans for primary, second home and investment buyers. We also finance commercial real estate.

Insurance agents may submit evidence of insurance by fax to 772.403.0507 or by email to loan.insurance@seacoastbank.com.

The fax number for Credit References and Verification of Deposits is 772.221.3029.
The fax number for a Verification of Mortgage is 772.286.7298.

If you would like to find out more information about the foreclosed properties we have for sale, please call the Special Assets Department at 772.221.2933.

You may retrieve account history on your Online Banking account for up to 18 months, and statements are available up to 7 years at no additional charge.

Wires are to be submitted by 5pm EST to be sent the same business day. If not received by 5pm, the wire will go out the following business day.

Yes, the main administrator can manage their own users within online banking. The user is then able to navigate within online banking in the Administration menu to Manage Users or Manage User Roles.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Symantec VIP Access Manager App.
Apple App Store | Google Play Store

Symantec™ Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) enables users to authorize transactions (ACH and wires). It is an additional layer of security. The validation occurs when the user enters their six-digit security code as provided by Symantec VIP. Each six-digit code is valid for one-time use and expires if not utilized within 30 seconds or upon issuance of another code.

The credential is the device that generates security codes. It is sometimes referred to as a token. The Credential ID is the unique serial number that identifies each credential.

Within the Money Movement menu, click on Payments, within the New Payments drop-down menu select the payment type for a one-time payment.

Yes, the user can create a new recipient without saving the recipient for one-time payments.

A payment file must be uploaded prior to 4:00 pm to be processed the same day.

Funds deposited before 8 pm eastern on a bank business day will generally be made available the first Bank Business Day after the day of deposit. Funds deposited after 8 pm eastern or on a non-business day will generally be made available on the 2nd Bank Business Day after the day of deposit. Longer delays to the availability of funds may apply.

The cut-off time for same-day RDC credit is 8 pm EST each business day.

The cut-off time for an ACH is 2 pm EST. If received after 2 pm or on a non-business day, the ACH will go out the following business day.

In order to make sure that your payment is received in time, you will need to send your ACH 2 days prior to the effective date.

  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up File Mapping can be found here.
  • We’ve also created an Instruction Video to guide you through the process. To view the Instructional Video, login to the new Seacoast Bank Online Banking platform, select Instructional Videos from the menu options and then select File Mapping.

Yes, Seacoast Bank is FDIC insured. The FDIC Standard Maximum Deposit Insurance Amount for deposits has been permanently increased to $250,000 per deposit or per insurance financial institution.

Seacoast Bank's routing number is 067005158 and Seacoast Bank's SWIFT code is (International Use Only) SNBFUS3F, UCBMUS33

All Seacoast Bank branches have notaries on hand. We recommend calling the branch ahead of time or making an appointment online to ensure the notary will be available in the office when you’re ready to come in with your documents.

View the schedule of fees and service charges.

Seacoast Bank's Customer Service Center is available at 866.710.5778, via Live Chat, or by email at CustomerService@SeacoastBank.com.

FastLane is Seacoast's telephone banking system. You can call 866.674.5578 to securely check account balances, verify checks that have cleared your account, and transfer funds between accounts.

Call 866.674.5578 to access FastLane.

To change your address, you may:

You can view your credit card account details and statements through the credit card portal here.

Seacoast offers multiple ways for you to connect your Seacoast Bank accounts with QuickBooks and Quicken.

Direct Connect communicates directly with Seacoast on your behalf. You don't have to log in to online banking and manually download transactions – Direct Connect does this for you.

Web Connect gives you the ability to download your transactions directly from Seacoast's website and import them into QuickBooks or Quicken.

Direct Connect enrollment instructions:

  1. Within Quicken or QuickBooks, choose the Banking menu, go to Bank Feeds.
  2. Select Set up Bank Feeds for an account.
  3. In the Enter your Bank's name field, enter, and select your bank.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Enter your Online Banking user ID and Password.
  6. Select Connect to connect your Quicken/QuickBooks to your bank's server.
  7. Select the bank account you want to connect to your account in Quicken/QuickBooks.
  8. Select Finish after the connection finishes.

To download transactions:

  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Hover over Bank Feeds and select Bank Feeds Center.
  3. From the Bank Accounts list, choose the account you want to connect.
  4. Select Download Transactions
  5. Select Synchronize. If you only want to download transactions for a specific account, select Sync this account. Or if you want to download transactions for all your accounts at Seacoast Bank, select Sync all for this Bank.
  6. In the Access to window, enter your Seacoast Online Banking credentials to connect to Seacoast Bank.
  7. Select OK.

Web Connect setup:

  1. In QuickBooks or Quicken go to Banking, then select Online Banking Setup.
  2. Enter your bank’s name, then select Next.
  3. Select Web Connect.
  4. Select which bank accounts you wish to add to Quicken/QuickBooks.
  5. Select Website.
  6. Download and save your bank transactions to your computer.
  7. In Quicken/QuickBooks, select Downloaded Transactions, then Import File to import your transactions.
  8. If you downloaded many accounts, select a matching Quicken/QuickBooks account in Store in the Quicken/QuickBooks Account, then Continue.
  9. Once Quicken/QuickBooks finished importing your transactions, select OK. This displays your transactions in the Downloaded Transactions window.


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Zelle and the Zelle related trademarks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

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