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Who We Are

While the values of Seacoast Bank are rooted in our storied history and identity as a Florida-based company that customers can count on since 1926, we aim to provide an ever-improving customer experience and forward-thinking innovation that will carry Seacoast Bank into the future as a banking leader in our local communities.

Seacoast is passionate about reimagining what community banking is to our local communities, and our team members play a crucial role in delivering on this idea of an all-new kind of community bank, centered on living out our four brand promises:

  • Get customers comfortable with the right team and right products to serve them
  • Make day-to-day banking simple
  • Resolve out of the ordinary items responsively
  • Invest in our customers and communities

Navigating Your Future at Seacoast Bank

Finding fulfillment in your career and workplace creates an excitement to come to work and do a great job. At Seacoast, we’re dedicated to providing a workplace that’s fit for those eager to find personal satisfaction in a job well done for our beloved customers.

At Seacoast Bank, you will:

  • Redefine What Community Banking Looks Like
    • Seacoast is not your typical community bank. From community involvement to technological developments and a goal to exceed customers’ needs, Seacoast aims to provide an experience that’s so much more than expected. 
  • Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself 
    • An entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration skills will take you far in this environment. 
  • Better Your Local Community
    • One of Seacoast's brand promises is to invest in our customers and communities. Ideal team members will share the same passion for service and community betterment. 
  • Question the Status Quo
    • Your ideas are what keep us fresh and innovative. Our team members are encouraged to share suggestions on how our roles and processes could be improved. We’re always looking to learn and grow.  
  • Treat the Business Like It's Your Own
    • Take pride and ownership in your career and the spirit of Seacoast Bank. 


We look back on Seacoast's storied history as accomplishments to be proud of, but look forward to a future where the best is yet to come. Become an integral part of writing Seacoast's next chapter:
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Four Promises. One Goal.

At Seacoast Bank, everything we do is based upon core beliefs summarized in the Four Promises we make to you. When you entrust your banking to us, we promise to:
Promise One
Get you comfortable with the right team to serve you.
Promise Two
Make your day-to-day banking simple.
Promise Three
Resolve out-of-the-ordinary items responsively.
Promise Four
Invest in you and your community.
Our philosophy is dedicated to the promise of simplicity, convenience, expertise, community, and technology with a human touch. On account of all this and more - on account of you - it's time for Seacoast Bank. A smarter bank. A connected bank. And, just as importantly, your local bank.