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Community Means Sustainability

Seacoast Bank’s commitment to communities means investing in our customers and the places where they live. One way we do that is by making the environment a priority and incorporating ecological sustainability efforts into our day-to-day operations. We monitor our material waste and recycling output along with our consumption of power and water, taking steps to reduce our footprint. We’ve also implemented programs to reduce waste in the process of servicing and communicating with customers.

 And in 2019, our plans expand. Just a few of our scheduled initiatives taking place at branches and administrative offices include new LED lighting upgrades, efficient HVAC unit improvements, and replacing urinals and toilets with low flow models, as well as installation of water bottle refilling stations to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. We view these efforts as a journey and are confident we’re headed in the right direction. Even so, we humbly admit there are several miles to go before these sustainability efforts are fully developed. We look forward to sharing more news of the milestones we reach on the road ahead.


Four Promises. One Goal.

At Seacoast Bank, everything we do is based upon core beliefs summarized in the Four Promises we make to you. When you entrust your banking to us, we promise to:
Get you comfortable with the right products and the right team to serve you
Make your day-to-day banking simple
Resolve out-of-the-ordinary items responsively
Invest in you and your community