We Understand That With Change, There Are Always Lots of Questions.

Here Are Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions and Answers.

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Answers To Your Merger Questions

Answers To Your Merger Questions

Who is Seacoast Bank?

Since 1926, Seacoast Bank has maintained a strong, stable presence with deep roots in the neighborhoods it serves and a secure place in the hearts of its customers. Seacoast continues to grow its presence in the Hillsborough/Pinellas County area, it is the #2 Florida-based bank in Palm Beach County, the #1 Florida-based bank in Orlando, the #1 Florida-based bank in the Port St. Lucie/Treasure Coast area, and is looking forward to making Sarasota/Manatee its next great market.

Seacoast Bank is a third generation, family-influenced bank with over 1,000 associates and $9.3 billion in assets.

For more than 90 years, Seacoast's commitment to customers remains the same and is summarized by its Four Promises:
✔ Get you comfortable with the right products and the right team to serve you
✔ Make your day-to-day banking simple
✔ Resolve out-of-the-ordinary items responsively
✔ Invest in you and your community
Learn more about Seacoast Bank by visiting SeacoastBank.com
When is the merger expected to close?
The merger is expected to close early January 2022. The date of customer account conversion will be mutually determined as we approach the merger date, but is anticipated to be in the second quarter of 2022. As we approach conversion, you will receive a welcome packet including details about your account and any additional banking options available to you.
How will customers benefit from the proposed merger?

The proposed merger will greatly benefit our customers and employees with the added convenience of more branches, more ATMs, and a wider array of financial solutions, including Wealth Management and a dedicated business banking team.

What should customers do right now?
You should continue banking as normal. Seacoast Bank and Sabal Palm Bank teams are working together to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.
Will customer account numbers and product types change?

More information will be coming soon as our teams finalize the transition plan. Account numbers and product types will not change at this time. Everything is business as usual.

Are customer deposits FDIC insured?
Yes. Just as your deposits are insured with Sabal Palm Bank, FDIC insurance will continue at Seacoast Bank.
Can customers start using Seacoast Bank offices now?
No. Until the customer account conversion is completed, Sabal Palm Bank customers should continue to utilize Sabal Palm Bank facilities for their banking needs.