We Understand That With Change,
There Are Always Lots of Questions.

Here Are Some of the Most Commonly Asked Question and Answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Seacoast Bank?

Since 1926, Seacoast Bank has a strong, stable presence with deep roots in the neighborhoods they serve and a secure place in the hearts of their customers. Seacoast is the #2 Florida based bank in Palm Beach County, the #1 Florida based bank in Orlando, and the #1 Florida based bank in Port St. Lucie/Treasure Coast area, with a growing presence in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.

Seacoast is a third generation, family influenced bank with over 800 associates and $6.9 Billion in assets.

For more than 90 years, our commitment to customers remains the same and is summarized by our 4 Promises.
✔ Get you comfortable with the right products and the right team to serve you
✔ Make your day-to-day banking simple
✔ Resolve out-of-the-ordinary items responsively
✔ Invest in you and your community.
Learn more about Seacoast Bank by visiting SeacoastBank.com
When is the sale expected to close?
The sale is expected to close August 21st, 2020. The date of customer account conversion will be mutually determined as we approach the sale date. As we approach conversion, you will receive a welcome packet including details about your account and any additional banking options available to you.
How will customers benefit from the proposed merger?

The proposed merger will greatly benefit our customers and employees with the added convenience of more branches, more ATMs, and a wider array of financial solutions including Wealth Management, Residential Lending and a dedicated business banking team.

When you bank with Seacoast you have options.

  • Live Florida-based Telephone Banking Representatives to assist with account servicing
  • Fee Free access to over 1,100 Publix® ATMs
  • 50 Seacoast Bank Branches in 15 counties
  • Online and Mobile Banking with digital check deposit capabilities
  • Deposit, transfer funds and access cash using any of our 50+ Seacoast Bank ATMs
  • Access your accounts 24/7 with automated phone service, FastLane
What should customers do right now?
You should continue banking as normal. Seacoast Bank and Freedom Bank teams are working together to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. We will be sending out detailed information regarding your account(s) in the near future.
Will customer account numbers and product types change?

More information will be coming soon as our teams finalize the transition plan. Account numbers and product types will not change at this time. Everything is business as usual.

Are customers deposits FDIC insured?
Yes. Just as your deposits are insured with Freedom Bank, FDIC insurance will continue at Seacoast Bank.
Can customers start using Seacoast Bank offices now?
No. Until the merger is completed, Freedom Bank customers are not yet customers of Seacoast Bank.
Friendly Faces

Friendly Faces

What will happen to the people I know at Freedom Bank?
Those same friendly faces who assist you today, your friends and trusted bank associates from Freedom Bank, will be welcoming you and helping you through the transition to Seacoast at your local branch. They will continue to provide the same outstanding service you have come to expect.


How do I avoid being charged a withdrawal fee at the ATM?
Seacoast offers fee-free ATM withdrawals at all of our locations and fee-free ATM withdrawals at more than 1,100+ Publix® ATM locations.1  You will need to agree to the fee at the time of withdrawal. This fee and the Seacoast Bank fee will be reimbursed to your account the next business day.
What options do I have for deposits?
You can make cash and check deposits at any Seacoast Bank branch or ATM location starting on Monday, August 24th. You can also make check deposits using our Personal or Business Mobile Banking app. Visit the Google Play or Apple Store and download the app today. See our Funds Availability Policy on page 51.
I currently receive my paycheck via direct deposit, will anything change?
Good news: your direct deposit process will remain the same. Your existing direct deposits will automatically continue to be deposited into your new Seacoast account. When establishing any new direct deposits, make sure to use your Seacoast Bank account number with the Seacoast routing number—067005158.
What are Seacoast Bank's wire instructions?

Incoming Domestic and International Wire Instructions:

Routing Number: 067005158
Swift Number: (International Use Only) SNBFUS34
Bank Name: Seacoast National Bank
Bank Address: 815 Colorado Avenue Stuart, FL 34994

Bank Anytime. Anywhere


Free Online & Mobile Banking

Our Personal and Business Mobile Banking are fast, convenient and secure.

Digital Deposit

Deposit a check anywhere, anytime using your smart device.

Seacoast ATMs

Deposit checks and cash, transfer money, check your balance and more with no fees.

Publix® ATMs

Enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping and banking. Get cash fee-free at 1,100+ Publix® ATMs.
Personal and Business Online Banking

Personal and Business Online Banking

I’m a big fan of Online Banking, does Seacoast offer this service?

Yes, to access online banking visit SeacoastBank.com. Look for the login area on the home page on the right side of the screen.

  • Already enrolled? Look for an email with login credential information in early August.
  • Not enrolled? Self-enroll for Personal Online Banking and Business Online Banking starting August 17th. See page 22 for more details.
Can I access my Personal and Business accounts through one online platform?
Yes, you can access both your personal and business accounts by enrolling in Seacoast Business Online Banking. See page 31 on how to enroll in Business Online Banking.
Will my Online Banking user ID and password change?
Existing Freedom Bank Online Banking customers will receive an email with detailed information about their user ID and password in early August.
Can I receive my loan and deposit statements, e-notices and tax forms electronically?
Yes, when enrolling in Online Banking make sure to enroll in e-statements and e-notices.
Will Freedom Bank Bill Payment payees be available in Seacoast Bank’s Online Banking platform?
Yes, Seacoast will make every effort to convert your existing payees into our Online Banking platform. Automated payments will need to be reestablished after you enroll in Seacoast Online Banking.
Can you explain the Online Banking Electronic Bill Pay process a little further?
Yes, when you pay a payee electronically, the funds are withdrawn from the account the day they are sent to the payee. Bill payments that are sent via check will be drawn on our bill pay vendor account. The funds are electronically withdrawn from your account the day the payment is sent to the payee.
If I use Quicken® or Quickbooks™, will my current information still be available after the merger?
In order to retain your current information, you will need to download it before Friday, August 21st at 5 p.m. Your transactions made on Friday, August 21st, may not be available when you reconnect, but these items will still be available on your statement.
Who can I contact for Business Online Banking support?
You can contact our Treasury Management Operations Center at 888.669.4059. Our associates are familiar with all of our product solutions and services and are your best resource for information and support.
Loan Payments

Loan Payments

Where do I make loan payments?

You can continue to make loan payments at any Freedom Bank location and, starting Monday, August 24th, at any Seacoast location. You may also mail loan payments to:

Seacoast Bank
Attn: Loan Operations
PO Box 9012
Stuart, Florida 34995-9012
My loan payment is automatically deducted from my account. Will this service continue?
Yes, your loan payment will continue to be automatically deducted from your account, and the payment will be reflected on your statement.
Can I receive my statements electronically?
Yes, when enrolling in Online Banking, make sure to enroll in e-Statements, e-Notices and tax forms.

When you bank with Seacoast, you have options.

Life can get hectic, but that doesn't mean your banking has to. At Seacoast, we make banking easy and convenient by offering services that allow you to bank anywhere, anytime.

FDIC Insurance

FDIC Insurance

Are my deposits still FDIC insured?
Yes, just as your deposits are insured at Freedom Bank, FDIC insurance will continue at Seacoast. For more information on this topic, see page 53.


Will I be able to access my funds via the automated phone system?
Yes, starting on Monday, August 24th at 6 a.m., you will be able to access your funds through our automated telephone banking system— FastLane at 888.669.4059.
Your new Seacoast account history will begin to build Monday, August 24th. If you need transaction history prior to this date, simply contact our Customer Service Center at 888.669.4059.
Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Box

Will my safe deposit box rental agreement remain the same?
Yes, your current rental agreement will remain the same. At the time of your annual renewal, Seacoast’s fees and discounts will apply.


Will my deposit account statement contain the same information?
Your deposit account statement will contain the same information, but will have a new layout. You will start to receive your new Seacoast statement after August 24th.
Will my deposit account statement cycle date remain the same?
Yes, your deposit statement cycle date will remain the same. All savings account statements will be mailed quarterly, or more frequently.
Will I receive an interim statement?
Yes, Freedom Bank will mail an interim statement for all deposit and loan accounts on August 24th. Your deposit account statement will then resume on its regular statement cycle date with the new Seacoast statement layout.
Will my Line of Credit statement look the same?
Your Line of Credit statement will contain the same information, but will have a slightly different layout.
Who will send my 1098 and/or 1099 information at the end of 2020?
Seacoast will send the required 1098 and/or 1099 information for your 2020 tax reporting by January 31st, 2021.
How will interest be paid on my interest-bearing checking, savings and money market accounts?
Interest from your last statement cycle through Sunday, August 23rd, will be paid on your interim statement issued by Freedom Bank. Seacoast will accrue interest from August 21st going forward. Interest will be paid quarterly for savings accounts and monthly for checking and money market accounts.
How will my interest be paid on my Certificate of Deposit (CD)?
Your certificate of deposit (CD) will continue to have the same rate, terms, and features until maturity. When your CD renews, it will be governed by the Seacoast Deposit Account Agreement, which can be found on page 56. Interest may be credited to your account monthly and compounded monthly.