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Nurturing a Relationship With Your Bank

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Over the past few years, digital interactions have become nearly essential to surviving and potentially standing out from the competition.

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The banking/financial space is no exception. We’ve had to adapt and become more automated. Online accessibility is absolutely necessary. Then you have to have an app. And mobile deposits. As the technologies advance, the list continues to grow.

That is, until 2020 came along.

With the need to distance ourselves, we’re all very thankful for the presence of these integral digital interactions—the management of our money has not been interrupted. However, throughout the year, another interaction has become just as essential—the human interaction.

The Importance of Our Interactions

In times like these when the pandemic has pushed us all inside our own spaces, the need for human interaction has become increasingly important. Granted, it’s not the same face-to-face interaction we’re accustomed to, but it’s still important to any and every business.

From healthcare to manufacturing to professional services, our business customers have experienced an especially trying time. Throughout it all, we’ve recognized the importance of our interactions. There have been many questions—covering everything from day-to-day finances to PPP loan forgiveness—questions that hardly anyone wants answered by a chatbot. You want the information from a real person, from someone who recognizes the difference between your 15-person dental office and the one down the street. We’re here for those questions. wants answered by a chatbot. You want the information from a real person, from someone who recognizes the difference between your 15-person dental office and the one down the street. We’re here for those questions.

Our Relationships Make Us Better

casual business meeting with smiling womanWhen it comes to our businesses, we all share that same need to be seen as an original entity—no two businesses are alike. There’s a need there that we don’t see going away anytime soon and we, for one, are perfectly fine with it. While a bigger bank may not always have the time and attention required to identify the distinct needs of smaller businesses, a bank of our size welcomes opportunities to build and strengthen those types of relationships. Not only do they keep us closely connected to our communities, they frequently provide us with the feedback we need to be better.

For us, the relationships frequently make all the difference.

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Getting Personal to Get Better

A recent study by Barlow Research Associates, Inc. noted that personal attention jumpedinfographic discussing plans to change primary bank from the 5th to the 2nd most important reason to switch banks over the last year, while in Q3 of 2020, personal attention was the number one reason small business banking customers were planning to find a new bank.

Personal attention goes beyond basic human interaction. It invites conversation. It brings about new ideas. It leads to more tailored solutions. Does this mean the digital interactions we’ve been creating are now a thing of the past? Not at all. In fact, if we listen close enough, if we gather enough useful data, we can use personal attention to start creating digital interactions that are more adaptable for all. No, they’ll never replace true human contact, but they can start creeping closer to making everyone feel like they are more welcome and heard in a digital environment.

The Wrap Up

Getting to know your bank better has definite advantages. In times of crises, you have a more personal experience that makes you feel less alone against the changing tides. And in calmer moments, you have a partner that listens, learns and creates “just-right” solutions for your business. The benefits grow for both you and your bank.

With 95 years of servicing businesses large and small throughout Florida, Seacoast has the financial knowledge and expertise to guide and inspire. Our technology and information rival the nation’s biggest banks, but our focus on the community means we never lose sight of you and your business.

Reach out today and experience what it’s like to have a banking partner that’s always got your back—ready and waiting with solutions that fit your business perfectly.


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