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Transforming and Finding Focus: Healthcare

The beginning of a new year brings with it an opportunity to reexamine the current state of your business. 2020 turned and twisted everyone’s work environments and processes in entirely new ways. Some we were prepared for. Some we were not. And some we completely made up as we went along—the old “building the airplane as we’re flying it” analogy comes to mind.

Start The Year With a New Focus

In times of chaos, many of our flaws are pushed to the forefront. When this happens we have to ask ourselves the hard questions. Do we continue doing things the way we’ve always done? Or do we adapt? Do we make a small change or a big one? As industries attempt to regain revenues and find solid financial footing once more, for many reinvention may be the key not only to survival but also to long-term success.

Questions For Transforming and Finding Focus: Healthcare

doctor working on a laptop and writing2020 exposed some glaring issues in the health industry. From a reliance on in-person interactions to mounting questions about affordability of care to outright caring for the physical and mental health of your own employees—last year shed a new light on what needs to be addressed moving forward.

More than ever a more human-centric approach can make a difference and position your business for prosperity in the face of lingering uncertainty. A great place to start is by asking yourself (and in some cases your employees) these future-defining questions:

How Can You Put People at The Center of Your Transformation?

Adopting a more human-centric approach in an industry that relies so heavily on human interaction may require deeper dives into the shoes of your patients/customers. Is there a better way to treat your patients? Would changing philosophies (i.e. from sick-care to well-care) enable you to help more people? How can you better encourage healthier lifestyles and help patients establish healthier routines? What changes could you make to your process that might allow you to get better answers from your patients on telehealth calls? Is there a place in the health industry’s future that’s less reliant on expensive procedures or prescription drugs?

How Can You Take Better Care of Your Employees?

The stress and strain of the pandemic took its toll on the mental health of healthcare workers. While most of the population was staying home, medical workers frequently found themselves on the front lines, without the protection of social distancing. The mental fatigue created by these situations led to anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Meanwhile, for others in the industry, the changes and stress associated with remote working situations created their own mix of stress-inducing variables.

What steps can you take to ensure your employees are in a better place mentally, emotionally and physically? Additional mental wellness breaks or calming/meditative areas in your office might be a start, but talk with your employees to gain a better understanding of their needs.

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How Can You Adjust Costs to Make Care More Affordable, and Yet Still Generate Revenue?

The pandemic put the spotlight on the basic human right of receiving medical care. Our current systems have demonstrated a number of flaws—one of the biggest being health insurance tied to a person’s job. Is there a better model? Are there answers out there allowing for affordability and profitability? Those who are daring and bold enough to try something different in this space may just change the health industry as we know it.

How Can You Inspire Your Employees to Speak Up and Lead Change Within Your Organization?

You may have quick chats with your employees, but when was the last time you really had the time—or took the time—to listen? Right now is a great opportunity to learn from your team. Set aside time for some one-to-one talks. Pose some of the questions in this post to your employees. Challenge them to think differently about the industry as well. The next brilliant idea, a more efficient system, or a new source of revenue could be inside their minds at this moment.

Does Your Brand Reflect a Business Focused On The Future?

doctor working on a laptop with a stethoscope next to herRemember, your brand is more than just a logo. It’s a set of values. A mission. A vision. A positioning that informs and enables you and your employees to continuously build something better. Without a solid brand in place, your staff may not understand where the company is going—or how to improve upon it. A strong brand gives you more of a story to tell beyond simply making money. It gives you a strategy and foundation for growth. If you’ve overlooked this part of your business in the past, now may be the best time to address it and define it—for yourself and your staff.


The Wrap Up

This post was designed to make you think and take a longer look at your business with the ultimate goal of helping you grow.

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