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Get more out of your banking with access to:

Banking On Apple Watch®2

Check your account on your Apple Watch® without logging in.

Access To Zelle®3

Send and receive money with Zelle®3 - it’s fast, safe and easy. Learn more »


Money Management Tools

Check you spending history, categorize your transactions, track your cash, create a budget and view your financial accounts all in one place.


Convenient & Easy To Use

Seacoast Bank Online and Mobile Banking includes a wide range of features to simplify your banking activities. Enjoy features like bill pay, funds transfers and more.

Mobile Deposit
Through the Seacoast Mobile Banking app, you can quickly deposit checks anytime, anywhere using the secure mobile app. Simply take a photo of the check and deposit it right into your account.

Bill Pay
Make a one-time payment or scheduled, recurring payments anytime, anywhere.

Money Management Tools

  • Check Your Spending History: Take control of your financial journey with insights into your spending history. Our user-friendly tool allows you to review, analyze and gain insights into past transactions effortlessly.
  • Categorize Transactions: Easily classify your transactions into predefined or customizable categories.
  • Track Your Cash: Seamlessly track both digital and cash transactions anywhere, anytime.
  • Create a Budget: Set up personalized budgets created to suit your unique needs. Receive real-time updates, ensuring you stay on track with your financial goals.
  • View Financial Accounts: Enjoy a consolidated view of all transactions and account balances in one centralized location.



Giving You More Control Over Your Money

We’re giving you the tools and options you need to manage your account and stay more informed about your money.

Customize Your Options
Personalize your online account homepage to meet your needs and preferences.

Shortened Auto Unlock
Ability to access online systems more quickly once logged out.

Enhanced Alerts
Stay informed of account activity with a robust set of customizable account alerts, including:

  • Balance Threshold Alerts: Get notified as soon as your account dips below a certain threshold you set.
  • Deposit Account Alerts: Customize alerts to notify you when a deposit has been made into your account.
  • Transaction History Alerts: Be notified any time a transaction that meets your chosen threshold is charged to your account.
  • Geographic Transaction Alerts: Set a customizable alert if a transaction occurs outside of a geographic location of your choosing.



Protecting Your Account In All New Ways

We're making sure your account stays safe with enhanced safety and security features.

Enhanced Security
Powerful security features, including Touch ID, Face ID and multi-factor authentication keep your financial information safe.

24/7 Account Protection
By combining real-time behavioral analytics with endpoint inspection, our intelligent security solutions stop suspicious transactions and keep your account safe.

Mobile Payments with Mobile Wallet
At Seacoast Bank, we understand the importance of staying connected in the fast-paced digital world.

Our Mobile Wallet offers a modern experience that seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. This integration provides enhanced convenience with financial security at the forefront and removes the need to carry around cash, cards or touch keypads. By linking your Seacoast Bank Visa®4 Debit Card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, you gain access to an easy, secure way to make purchases in-store or online. Our Mobile Wallet ensures a swift and secure checkout process wherever mobile payments are accepted.

Seacoast's Mobile Wallet guarantees secure online transactions, providing you with peace of mind while you benefit from its convenience. Learn more on how to shop safer with contactless payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Banking?
Online banking is a digital platform that allows you to perform financial transactions and manage your bank account over the Internet. This can be accessed from your phone, computer, or tablet. 
Is Online Banking Safe?
Yes, online banking is generally safe. Seacoast Bank employs security measures such as encryption and authentication to protect your financial information. However, you should always take precautions, like using strong passwords. Learn more about how you can protect yourself while banking online
How Do I Set Up Mobile Banking?
To set up mobile banking, download Seacoast's official mobile app from the app store, install it and follow the on-screen instructions to log in to your existing account. You may need to provide personal information and create a secure PIN or password for access.

Convenient & Secure Banking On The Go.

Access your accounts from your mobile device anytime, anywhere using the Seacoast Mobile Banking app.





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