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How To Shop Safer with Contactless Payment

The global pandemic has forced us to find new ways to do a number of things — first and foremost is how we shop.

From what we’re buying (“Anyone seen isopropyl alcohol lately?”) to where we’re buying (“What was the name of that website again?”) to what we’re covering in this post — how we’re buying.

How We’re Buying

man making contactless paymentNo, we’re not actually talking about the huge influx of bulk items busting out of your pantry. We’re referring to the method of payment we’re starting to use more and more when we shop—contactless payment.

Contactless payment is becoming a major convenience at a growing number of stores, restaurants, pharmacies—and even vending machines. In the U.S. alone, 84 of the top 100 merchants are now accepting contactless payments.

And why is that? Well, there are a number of great reasons.

Safe. Fast. Smart. Easy. Secure.

First of all, contactless payment is just plain safer right now. No more touching keypads or devices that who knows how many other people have touched. The less germs you have to come in contact with, the better.

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When you’re ready to checkout, just tap your phone to the contactless payment symbol on the card reader, and in as little as 2 seconds your purchase is accepted. How’s that for fast?

Did you accidentally tap your card twice? Not a problem. Contactless payment is smarter too—recognizing each transaction and only registering it once.

person making contactless payment

Setting everything up is simple as well. It’s as easy as adding your Seacoast Visa® Debit Card to your mobile wallet through Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

After you do that, you’re all set. Now you can shop in-store and online with much more ease. Plus, you never have to type in your card number again on websites or in apps, and you get the added security benefit of extra layers of encryption protection from your phone.

The Holidays are a great time to go contactless.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, what better time to cut down on the “in-store checkout surface touching” and the “online card number entry”? Simply load your Seacoast Visa® Debit Card into your mobile wallet and start shopping quicker, smarter and safer for everyone on your list with contactless payments.


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