Small Business Lending Questions

Seacoast Bank is here to support your small to medium-sized Florida business. Our lending experts work with you to evaluate your business needs and align lending options to help you meet your growth goals, today and in the years to come.

Small Business Lending FAQ

One of the biggest benefits of a small business line of credit is that it functions similarly to a credit card, offering quick access to available funds and flexible borrowing options. Other benefits include:

  • Paying interest only on the amount of money you borrow
  • No collateral needed to secure funding
  • Potential tax benefits (Consult with your Tax Advisor)
  • Often a lower rate than a credit card

Explore more benefits through our Business Insights article, What Can a Small Business Line of Credit Do for You?

Available funds for a business line of credit are typically accessed through online or mobile banking by transferring available funds from the line to your business checking account or by utilizing checks on the line of credit.

Seacoast Bank offers each of these options, along with the ability to link the business line of credit with a Seacoast Business Checking Account

With a secured line of credit, repayment is guaranteed with collateral, such as a property. With an unsecured line of credit, no asset or collateral is required for approval. A credit card is an example of an unsecured line of credit.

It varies. A Seacoast Bank Business Line of Credit provides small business owners with cash flow for small and large expenses and can be used on an as-needed basis. Because no two businesses are the same, borrowing limits are customized to each small business customer. 

Connect with a Seacoast Business Banker for expert assistance and lending options.

Seacoast Bank offers a variety of small business lending solutions designed to meet your financial goals. Explore our options or schedule an appointment at your nearest branch to learn more.