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Gilberto Robinson

Gilberto Robinson always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. After working in the fast casual food industry for 30 years, he had seen the impact providing jobs and serving others can have on a community. With a sharp business sense and years of management experience, he knew he was ready – if he could find the right financial partner.

“We opened our Planet Smoothie location in February of 2020. It has always been a lifelong dream of mine to be a franchise owner, to help serve the community in which we live,” he said.

gilberto robinson and team opening planet smoothie

Robinson heard about Seacoast Bank through his Planet Smoothie contacts. After meeting with a member of Seacoast's SBA team, he immediately knew it was the right fit.

Robinson’s determination was unshakable, despite the growing concerns of a world-wide pandemic. With Seacoast Bank’s help, he carefully navigated an ever-changing business environment and provided jobs for Boynton Beach residents at a time when many businesses were struggling.

“Our business – Planet Smoothie store number 19236 – has grown tremendously with Seacoast Bank by our side, and we know that we can always count on them,” Gilberto says.

With the help of Seacoast, Gilberto Robinson has been able to fulfill his dream – and his family’s dream – and make all the hard work pay off.

“Where we are today is a testament to the drive and passion of my family and the hard work we’ve all had to put in. This is a family dream come true and is 100% driven by family – with Seacoast Bank behind us every step of the way.”

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