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Seacoast Bank's Annual Food and Holiday Toy Drives Make An Impact

Posted by Seacoast Bank on Jan 8, 2024 1:07:12 PM

Seacoast Bank, the banking subsidiary of Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida (NASDAQ: SBCF) and one of the largest community banks in Florida, proudly announced the successful completion of its annual Food and Holiday Toy drives. This year’s Food Drive collected more than 13,300 pounds of food between October 10 and November 17, significantly surpassing the initial goal and reaffirming Seacoast Bank's dedication to combating food scarcity in local communities.

The Food and Toy Drive collective efforts at 76 of the bank’s branches and centers, which ran from October 10 to December 15, led to food donations to 56 different organizations and charities helping those in need, showcasing the breadth of Seacoast Bank’s community impact. Moreover, with the enthusiastic participation of community members, Seacoast Bank also collected more than 7,700 toys, which were then donated to benefit 48 organizations and charities to ensure a happier holiday for children across the state.

"Seacoast Bank's legacy is defined by our commitment to both providing trusted financial services and building meaningful connections in our community," said Chuck Shaffer, Chairman and CEO of Seacoast Bank. "Our annual Food and Holiday Toy drives are more than just charitable initiatives; they are vital expressions of our commitment to nurturing the well-being and prosperity of Florida families."

Seacoast Bank also partnered with WPTV for the Season of Hope drive, involving 27 branches in a focused initiative to further support Florida's local communities. The Season of Hope initiative significantly bolstered the overall results of the food drive, with these branches alone contributing more than 7,500 pounds to the total food collected, supporting 17 organizations and charities. Similarly, the toy collection under this initiative added more than 4,300 toys to the tally, benefiting the same number of organizations.

"Partnering with WPTV for the Season of Hope drive has been a pivotal step in expanding our community outreach," said Julie Kleffel, Chief Operating Officer of Seacoast Bank. "This collaboration aligns perfectly with our vision of community engagement, allowing us to extend our reach and impact. Together, we're doing so much more than distributing food and toys – we're sharing hope and strengthening the bonds within our communities."

Seacoast Bank has upheld a reputation for integrity and stability with a commitment to relationship banking and community outreach. Through initiatives such as its Back-to-School supply drive, annual Food Drive, and Holiday Toy Drive, the bank continues to showcase its devotion to empowering local communities through strategic investments and philanthropic efforts.



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