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Real Estate

Depend on Seacoast Bank to finance the construction, purchase or refinancing of storage facilities, industrial buildings, office buildings or other investment or income - producing real estate.

Looking to acquire your first building or expand into a new space? Let us help you weigh the lease versus buy decision.

Lines of Credit

As most experienced business owners know, just because you have sold your product or service and earned the revenue, it doesn't mean you have actually collected any cash. In fact, profitable companies often face tight cash flow when their clients or customers take 30-90 days or longer to pay.

Equipment Financing

Basic tenants of responsible lending confirm that the term of the loan should match the life of the asset being financed. For example, if a business is buying a piece of machinery with a five year life, an astute banker will provide a loan with a matching 5-year term. This ensures that the business never carries debt on obsolete machinery or equipment.

State Programs

DEO Capital Access Program

Sometimes a business makes a request that falls just outside Seacoast's conventional lending standards. The Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) Capital Access Program (CAP) is designed for just such situations. The DEO CAP program is designed as a "financing insurance" program.

Enterprise Florida

Seacoast participates with Enterprise Florida in its Small Business Loan Support Program. This program is designed to provide Florida's banks with loan participations and guarantees that will improve access to capital for Florida's small businesses.


Leasing through Seacoast is simple. We offer a variety of lease terms, structures and purchase options. You choose the type of equipment to lease and select your preferred vendor. We'll arrange the lease program.

Almost anything your company needs can be leased - from manufacturing, medical or office equipment, to computers, energy efficient lighting and HVAC equipment.

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