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Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks quickly from your office using our image capture solution. Once the check is scanned, it is uploaded to our system for deposit. Your account is credited for the funds and you can access a copy of the item right from our website. Using this system can eliminate most trips to the bank and our check availability schedule may make the cash from your deposits available sooner.

Lockbox Processing

Let Seacoast receive and process checks for you.

Instead of checks being sent to your offices, have them sent to Seacoast. Each day, the payments required will be scanned and deposited into your accounts. We can deliver images of the check and associated documents each day through various methods. With this service, we will help to automate the flow of data and speed up the deposit of your funds.

Merchant Processing

The ability to accept debit and credit card payments is necessary for most businesses today. We process your credit and debit card transactions using the very latest technology, then electronically deposit the funds to your account. Our point-of-sale processing services are geared to your specific business needs. Seacoast can help small retailers or the largest operators. Competitive relationship pricing and funding options as well as our unparalleled client services are just part of the package.

We support the following card types:

  • MasterCard™
  • Visa™
  • American Express™
  • Discover™

ACH Debit Origination

There are two main reasons to use ACH Debit Origination - Cash Collection and Cash Concentration. Cash Collection is the collection of funds from clients through electronic transfer. This method of collection allows for the fastest retrieval of money from your customers or other business. Cash Concentration is for businesses, like retailers and companies with multiple locations, which often maintain accounts at more than one bank. The business can utilize this service to consolidate the funds in one depository account.

*Mobile and Online features not available for Personal Free Checking. No Fees at Publix ATM not available for Personal Free, All American, and Bank at Work Checking accounts.