"Go For The Gold" Business Series: Why Intrapreneurs Are the All-Stars of Business

Posted by Seacoast Bank on Sep 15, 2016 1:45:58 PM

Every day in business is another play for success. Players at every level of the game – aspiring amateurs, rookies, and even seasoned professionals - are dedicated to pushing the limits by putting everything on the line for their goals. Join us for a month-long discussion dedicated to “Going for the Gold” in celebration of this year's OBJ Golden 100 honorees, and bring your business game to the next level.

Strategic business leaders can’t work towards their goals alone. They need to rely on the All-Stars of their team that they can trust to go above and beyond mere task delegation. That’s where the Intrapreneurs come into play. These players are employees – sometimes even vendor partners – that are motivated to support your business as if it were their own. Identifying and investing in these players the right way can cause incredible advancement in both business goals and their own personal careers.


AdobeStock_107146565.jpegLearn More About Intrapreneurs - Download the Presentation Here

The passion that Intrapreneurs poses for their work goes beyond their infectious mentality of creativity, ownership, and productivity. These are the players in the game that are driven to make the difference, but it's up to employers to optimize their ability to expand on opportunities.

The Intrapreneurial Questions We're Answering 

  • What is an Intrapreneur?
  • How They Contribute to the Overall Business
  • Why It's Important to Support Their Development
  • Strategic Development for Intrapreneurs
  • How to Inspire Them to Maximize Their Potential

Every entrepreneur needs more than one type of All-Star on their team to excel at different areas of operation. When it comes to Business Banking we're ready to help busines owners make the most out of our advanced MVP banking options.

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