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Options for Free Mammograms in Florida

In honor of those who are fighting, surviving, and thriving in pink for Breast Cancer this month, we want to share this list of options for free Florida mammograms. A wonderful way to honor these community members is to take care of yourself and get regularly checked. Take a look at the full list of resources below - plus discover a few other ways to show your support during the month of October.

AdobeStock_50366201.jpegGet checked today, and share your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Social Media.

In addition to getting tested and sharing this list with others, you can show your support online too! Visit our Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Album for cover photos, profile pictures, and other images to use in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

AdobeStock_78892183.jpegMammogram Resource List

The Centre for Womens Health at South Lake Hospital
Offers free mammograms to uninsured and underinsured women of all ages.
Call 352-394-4071 for more information.

Seminole County Health Department Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening
Free clinical breast exams and mammograms for uninsured and
underinsured women ages 50-64 in Orange, Lake and Seminole Counties
who meet low income requirement.
Call 407-665-3700 for appointment.

Florida Hospital Komen Breast Care Program
Free screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds
for uninsured women 40-49 who meet low income requirement.
Must have prescription from a physician.
Call 407-303-7341 for information/appointment.

American Breast Cancer Foundation
Key to Life Breast Cancer Screening Assistance Program
Financial assistance to uninsured and underinsured women of all ages for
clinical breast exams, screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms,
ultrasounds and biopsies.
Call toll free 1-877-539-2543 to apply for assistance.

Emery Medical Solutions
Discounted rates for digital screening mammograms, digital diagnostic
mammograms, MRI, ultrasounds and biopsies for patients referred by
Call us at 407-864-6458 for information.

Florida Radiology Imaging
50% discount for the uninsured.
Call 407-834-8722 to schedule appointment.

Shepherd's Hope
Assistance with obtaining diagnostic mammograms for uninsured who
are symptomatic, meet low income requirement and are
Shepherd's Hope patients.
Call 407-876-6699 ext. 0 for information.

YES! to Mammograms
Free digital mammograms for uninsured Brevard County residents.
E-mail or call 321-914-3153 for

Cancer Care Centers Foundation
Financial assistance for transportation, rent, utilities and medication for
uninsured and underinsured cancer patients in Brevard and Indian River
E-mail or call 321-952-0898 for information.

Brevard County Health Department Women at Risk Mammogram Program
Free clinical breast exams, screening mammograms and diagnostic
mammograms for uninsured women 50-64 years old in Brevard County,
who meet low income requirement.
Call 321-634-6377 for more information.

United Order True Sisters Inc.
Free screening mammograms for uninsured Brevard County residents.
Must have prescription from doctor.
Contact Sylvia Shapiro at 321-773-0591.

Bert Fish Medical Center Women's Breast Health Program
Free mammograms for uninsured and underinsured women ages 40-50
who are residents of Southeast Volusia County.
Must have prescription from a doctor.
Call Patty Tanner at 386-424-6334 for more information.

Volusia County Health Dept. Saving Our Selves Program
Free breast exams, screening and diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds
and in some case, biopsies for women 50-64 with limited income and are
uninsured or underinsured.
Contact Margaret Smith at 1-800-226-6110 for appointment.

Pink Ribbon Thrift Shop (Holly Hill, FL)
Holds drawing the first of each month for a free screening mammogram
for the uninsured. To enter the drawing, visit Pink Ribbon Thrift Shop at
1629 Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill, FL.

Halifax Medical Center
Free screening mammograms for Volusia County residents 40 and older
who are uninsured and meet limited financial requirement. May also
help with diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds.
Must have a prescription from a doctor.
Call 386-254-4210 for more information.

Osceola County Council on Aging Women's Breast Health Initiative
Free screening and diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds for
Osceola County residents 40-49 who are uninsured and meet
low income requirement.
Call 407-846-0413 for more information.

Good Samaritan Health Clinic Breast Health Project
Free mammograms to uninsured patients 49-49 who are residents of
West Volusia County. Call 386-738-6990 for more information.

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