Consumer Loan and Mortgage Calculators

Estimate your monthly payments for home, auto, boat and RV loans.

How Much Is Your Payment?

If you’re considering buying a new or used home, car, boat or RV and want to figure out what you can afford, use one of our loan calculators to estimate your monthly payments.

Loan Calculation Requirements

To calculate your estimated monthly payment, you’ll need the following info:

  • Purchase Price - Make sure you know the full purchase price of the boat, vehicle, home or RV you're interested in. This cost should include additional warranties, taxes and fees or any add-ons.
  • Loan Term - Choose the loan term that suits your financial needs. Seacoast offers up to 180-month terms on boat loans, 30-year, 30-year jumbo and 15-year terms on mortgages, up to 84 months on RV loans and up to 75 months on auto loans. A longer-term loan will lower your monthly payments, while a shorter term can save you money on interest.
  • Estimated Interest Rate - Locate and provide an estimate of the interest rate you expect to receive on your loan. We recommend checking our lending rates or mortgage rates for the most accurate estimate.
  • Down Payment - Enter the amount you plan to pay as a down payment. This initial payment amount can significantly affect your total loan amount and monthly payments.

While actual rates and amounts are subject to change, personal loan and mortgage repayment calculators are a great starting point for considering big purchases. You can easily adjust the fields to find out how quickly you can pay off the loan or reduce the payments to a more manageable amount.

Let’s get started.

Loan and Mortgage Payment Calculators

Financial calculators are for illustrative purposes only and are provided to assist you in estimating costs based on the information you provided. This is only an estimate and actual rates and payments may differ.

Personal Loan and Mortgage Fees to Consider

While a payment calculator provides a great starting point for major factors like purchasing price and loan term length, it is important to remember that those factors are not the only things that can change your monthly payment estimate.

Factors like Private Mortgage Insurance and property taxes can cause your monthly payments to rise by hundreds of dollars per month, so it’s essential to account for those when looking into home or vehicle affordability. Here are some additional fees and taxes to consider when you’re calculating a loan payment:

  • PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance - For mortgages with a down payment of less than 20%, lenders may require PMI to protect themselves in case the borrower defaults on the loan. This additional cost is factored into your monthly home loan payment.
  • Insurance - Include the cost of insurance premiums, such as homeowner's insurance for properties and comprehensive insurance for vehicles. Most lenders require insurance for financed homes, vehicles and watercraft.
  • Property Taxes -Factor in property taxes, which can vary based on location and the property's assessed value. Property taxes are typically paid annually or as part of the monthly mortgage payment. These can rise after a home is purchased and reassessed the following calendar year, so account for that.
  • HOA (Homeowners Association) Fees - For properties located within a homeowner's association, consider the monthly or annual fees associated with HOA membership.
  • Storage and Parking Fees - For boats and RVs, consider the cost of storage or parking facilities if you do not have space to store them on your property. Storage fees can vary based on location, size and amenities.
  • Loan Origination Fees and Closing Costs - For personal loans and mortgages, factor in upfront costs such as loan origination fees, appraisal fees, title insurance and closing costs. These fees can add to the overall expense of borrowing and purchasing the asset.

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