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Is Your Goal for 2016 to Grow Your Business? Here's How Seacoast Bank Can Help

With the start of a new year behind us, did you pause to reflect on what your goals and hopes for your company are in 2016? Do you want to increase your customer base? Improve your sales figures? Expand into a new market? The New Year offers the perfect opportunity to refine your business plan and set new goals for the future. Of course, you'll need a practical strategy to carry out those goals.

Take a Look in the Rear-View Mirror

When you're poised to step into the New Year, don't be afraid to look over your shoulder.

Even if you made mistakes in 2015, you learned valuable lessons that will inform your future decisions and strategies. As you take on 2016 with a fresh outlook, take a peek into the past and figure out where you went wrong -- and what you did right.

Look over your financial records closely. Did you take on too much debt? Fail to leverage cash flow for the right purposes? Make notes about your mistakes and successes so you'll know what to avoid this year.

Meet With Your Banker
At Seacoast Bank, we pride ourselves on forming personal relationships with our clients. Drop by one of our branches or get in touch with us on the phone and we'll come to you. Tell us about your financial and strategic resolutions for the New Year and we'll tell you how we can help.

Meeting with a financial professional will help you set practical, achievable resolutions that will benefit you for years to come. We can help you go over your assets and debts, introduce you to small business loans and other solutions, and answer your questions.

Figure Out What You Need
Your local bank offers a myriad of financial products to help you elevate your business in 2016. Equipment loans, fleet loans, business lines of credit, and other products help you maintain positive cash flow while you acquire the assets you need to make your resolutions a reality.

Work those assets into your business plan so you know exactly how they'll help you reach your goals. If you're planning on expanding into a new geographic location, for instance, a commercial real estate loan might help you acquire new property and grow your company.

Apply For Funding

Strategic small business loans allow you to keep your cash flow consistent all through 2016.

When you know what you need, visit us at Seacoast and apply for the small business loans that make the most sense for your company. We'll help you achieve your goals any way we can, whether it's through a loan or a line of credit.

Since we're a small community bank, we pride ourselves on our customer service acumen. You're not just a number or an entry on a balance sheet. We become partners in business with our clients because we want them to succeed as much as they do.

Now that you have a blueprint for sticking to your small business resolutions in 2016, put your plan into action. Check out our business lending solutions and get in touch with us so we can help make 2016 your company's best year yet.


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