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Feel Better About the Future of Healthcare Technology


Major changes are in store for the health care industry. From artificial intelligence to blockchain technology, there are affordable and efficient opportunities out there that just might be the shot in the arm your practice could use. 

AI-assisted robotic surgery

Patients love it because it’s considered “minimally” invasive so they won’t need to heal from large scars. And you’ll appreciate it because it makes surgeries more efficient and more precise. Robots even have the capabilities to analyze previous surgical data to inform new techniques. 

Plus, robots can also analyze data from pre-op medical records to assist in guiding a surgeon’s instrument during surgery, which can lead to a 21% reduction in a patient’s hospital stay. AI-assisted robotic procedures also lead to five times fewer complications compared to surgeons operating alone. 

Virtual nursing assistants

As much as patients would like them to be, your staff can’t be in two places at one time. While they can never replace the “human touch,” virtual nursing assistants are available 24/7 to help monitor patients, keep them informed, and even answer questions about medications. 

What’s really exciting is virtual nursing assistants could potentially drive better medical outcomes at a lower cost. By reducing hospital re-admissions and decreasing the burden placed on human health care professionals, virtual nursing offers a $20 billion value potential for health care. 

The next generation of radiology tools

Speaking of cutting-edge technology, ever hear of virtual biopsies? You will – and sooner than later. In the late stages of beta testing, artificial intelligence could signal the end of physical tissue samples for diagnostic processes. shutterstock_221885935

With enhanced imaging analytics, you’ll be able to diagnose, define and treat tumors cheaper and quicker. And when your patient hears there will be no need for an invasive biopsy, everyone wins.

 Improved electronic health record use

You didn’t get in this field for the paperwork, did you? Computer-assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) will be able to automate your most routine tasks, like order entry, and help turn your to-do list into a done list simply by voice recognition and dictation. 

By saying hello to artificial intelligence, you can say goodbye to spending more time on paperwork than patients. Newer iterations of the EHR just might restore the joy of medicine to overworked providers. 

Health care cybersecurity

Quick, what is one of the biggest problems in health care? Data security. And blockchain could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Blockchain technology stores and encrypts each unit of data individually until it reaches an authorized recipient, which makes it useful for ensuring each patient’s privacy and protecting all of your data. 

Blockchain can also maintain data integrity and consistency in areas where control is decentralized such as medical records, consent management and micropayments. It will enable health care providers to take a 360o view of the patient’s profile and do so in a way that protects their identity.


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