Earn Interest On Your Small Business's
Hard-Earned Savings with a CD


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Guaranteed Fixed Interest Rate


Multiple CD Terms Available

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CD Account Features:

  • Guaranteed Fixed Interest Rate for the Term of the CD
  • Multiple CD Terms Available 
  • CD May Offer Higher Interest Rates Than Other Savings Options
  • Online & Mobile Banking*
  • 24/7 Local, Florida Customer Support

What You Should Know:

  • Early withdrawal penalties apply. With the maturity period of one year or less, the penalty equal the loss of simple interest for three months. With the maturity period greater than one year, the penalty equals the loss of simple interest for six months.
  • Automatically renewable. 

Opening Your Business CD Account Online is Simple.

Provide Your Info

We'll need the business address, phone, email, date of birth, and social security number (or taxpayer ID) for each individual that has 25 percent or more beneficial ownership in the legal entity and one individual with significant managerial control.2

Fund Your Account
We'll need a bank account and routing number for your initial deposit.
You're ready to start saving!

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