Shop online safely with your Seacoast Visa® Debit Card.
Extra protection is always on for you and your purchases.


Every Purchase You Make Online Is Extra Secure.

Protection is built right into your Seacoast Visa® Debit Card and always working. Visa's® advanced security technology shields you and your money. So you can always feel confident that every time you purchase online, you're protected.


  • Zero Liability* - reimburses you for unauthorized charges
  • Tokenization Technology - replaces sensitive information with unique digital identifiers to prevent fraud
  • Transaction Alerts -  helps you spot any suspicious account activity
  • 3-D Secure - provides an extra layer of protection to verify your identity online


Shop online with extra protection for the things you need and want.










*Visa® Zero Liability Protection does not apply to ATM transactions. Notify Seacoast immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details regarding unauthorized use, see your debit card account agreement. 

MobileWalletGraphicNext time you shop,
let your smartphone
carry your debit card.

Using your mobile wallet app, linked to your Seacoast Bank Visa® Debit Card
on your mobile device, is a faster and safer way to make purchases.

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Help Keep Your Finances Safe

Keeping up-to-date

You should look at your account details regularly to make sure you don’t have any unauthorized transactions. This can be made easier by checking your statements and paying bills online. It’s also a good idea to check your credit report annually for any activity you didn’t initiate. For information on how you can obtain a free annual credit report, visit

Visa® is an industry leader in card security. By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can help us keep your card safe – at the store, online or anywhere else.

Let’s work together

No matter where you shop (even online), you can feel confident using your Visa® debit card or credit card because we’re always working to keep you safe – with multiple layers of security.*


For more information visit VISA.COM/SECURITY >