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5 Creative Ways to Market Your Business this Fourth of July

There are always multiple opportunities for community members to celebrate the Fourth of July. Every county has their own unique way of adding their Florida Heat to this national celebration, but there's always room to add something new to annual traditions. While all of the neighborhood is preparing to celebrate, local business owners can lead in the preparations by providing deals and special offers to get everyone in the spirit.

It's never too late to launch a successful Independence Day celebration. Here are a few creative suggestions to inspire an unforgettable Florida Fourth of July for your local community.

The holidays are an excellent opportunity for marketing your business. You can build off of the excitement in the air and use the occasion as a chance for some crowd-driving promotions.

When it comes to the Fourth of July, you have an even better opportunity: it's the middle of summer, and people are looking to spend it in sunny Florida. These tips will help you craft some creative strategies for incorporating the upcoming holiday into your marketing campaigns.

Have A Sale

Retailers know holidays are the best time to hold a promotion - people are less likely to be at work, and more likely to be spending money. Not to mention, the holiday gives you easy content and topic ideas to promote your sales. Get in on the action by offering special discounts and deals to entice your customers to make a purchase.

fireworks - creative ways to market your biz for july 4

Host an Event

There is really no better way to get people to your location this Fourth of July than hosting an event. 65% of consumers plan on attending a barbecue or picnic this Fourth, so why not introduce them to your business by hosting your own event.

Have a hot dog eating contest in honor of the great tradition, or simply grill up some food for the community to enjoy. Combining your event with a giveaway, such as a raffle, will get people excited about your offerings, and you can get them to hand over their contact information for an entry -- a great way to grow your network. Encourage your participants to use a special hashtag for the occasion when posting on social media, and you'll get the added benefit of exposure to their followers.

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Target Families

Families spend time together on holidays, so target all ages with your marketing campaigns. If you decide to host an event, include activities like face painting for kids; remember that their parents -- and their money -- will come along too.


happy family picnic - creative ways to market your biz for july 4

Build Excitement

You can use the holiday to your advantage by building up excitement to it. 12 days of Christmas? Why not 12 days of Independence? Keep your consumers engaged and excited by offering a "countdown" to the holiday, culminating on the day itself. Offer sales, giveaways, or entries in a contest to keep your audience coming back, and incorporate your final giveaway with the event you host. And of course, make sure everything is red, white, and blue.

Crowdsource Your Content

Crowdsourcing content is the easiest way to get great things to post, without having to do much work. Set up a hashtag incorporating your business and the Fourth of July, and encourage your social media followers to participate by submitting their own applicable photos. You can incorporate a giveaway or contest element, or simply feature user-submitted content; people love to see their posts promoted by a company. It's Florida, so you can design a theme around staying cool in the heat, hanging out at the beach, or just having fun in the sun.

When it comes to the Fourth of July, Florida businesses have ample opportunities to promote themselves to local residents and travelers. If you are setting up your plans for summer promotions, contact us today to learn more about small business banking solutions that will make your strategy a reality.


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