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Financial Advice for the Millennial Generation



As the millennial generation transitions from the end of their formal schooling into their first full-time jobs, they look forward to a life of success and fulfillment. As with every generation making that transition, a few hindrances can pop up. Often these concerns revolve around money and finances. More than a few young adults have asked questions such as these: Do I need a credit card? I haven’t saved much so how can I pay my rent? How can I minimize my expenses?
The following roadmap may be useful as you make this transition. It includes planning, saving, proper use of credit and partnering with trusted professionals.

Take Stock
First, in a positive and objective manner, take stock of your skills and other resources. In particular, assess your financial situation. Next, envision your short- and intermediate-term goals. Do you have any savings? Do you want to buy a car? Are you in debt? Write them down and review them over the next few days and weeks.

Develop a Plan
Next, formulate a plan that is tailor-made for you. Your plan should include your near-, intermediate-, and long-term goals. It should account for how you will pay for your goals if money is a factor. It is often best to devote attention to short-term goals first.

As your plan takes shape, be sure to include, or at least think about the following: Establishing a savings account and effectively using credit.

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Start a Savings Account
Most financial experts suggest that establishing a savings fund is important for financial security. As you begin to earn money, funnel a small percentage regularly into savings. Not only will you build financial confidence, you will be able to take care of emergencies that should arise.

Use Credit Wisely
These days it can be very easy to obtain a credit card or get a loan. Be cautious with debt. Not having debt creates confidence. It also gives you the option to spend or save as opposed to having to pay down a credit-card bill that has gotten out-of-hand. It is prudent to use credit sparingly. If you do use credit, do so wisely.

Partner with Professionals
Keep in mind that your financial future is made in large part by your choices. As your plan takes shape, partner with financial professionals. The team at Seacoast Bank have kept their focus on the financial needs of their customers for over three generations. By melding the individual touch with modern technology, Seacoast is a great financial partner for the millennial generation.


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