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Use Your Home’s Equity to Finance Home Renovations, Improvements and Other Major Expenses

If you’re planning on making improvements to your home or even planning a family vacation, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a great option for financing. Use the equity you’ve built in your home through paying your mortgage to help finance life’s biggest adventures.

Home Equity Line of Credit Features:

  • Rates as low as 3.50% APR1
  • The Credit Carve Out2 feature offers the security of a fixed interest rate with the flexibility of a line of credit allowing you to lock in a fixed rate as a good option if you want fixed monthly payments or have concerns about rising interest rates.
  • Flexibility to borrow a small or large amount, based on your lending needs
  • Manage unexpected expenses, consolidate debt or cover costs like tuition
  • Safe and easy online document sharing and electronic signature available to help expedite your loan process

1. APR= Annual Percentage Rate. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rate effective January 04, 2021 and may change based on market conditions and borrower eligibility. Variable rate based on “The Wall Street Journal” Prime Rate (currently 3.25%) with a minimum APR of 3.50% and a maximum APR of 18.00%. Subject to credit approval. Your APR may be higher based on the prevailing variable rate index value, the amount of your credit line, combined loan-to-value, and/or property type. The APR referenced will require a minimum credit score of 780, minimum credit line of $50,000, and the credit line together with any other mortgage(s) cannot exceed 80% of the property value on 1‐to‐4 family owner‐occupied properties. Primary or secondary residence only. Not available on investment property or manufactured homes. 180‐month draw period followed by a 0‐month repayment period, at which time the balance will be due in full. Homeowner’s property insurance is required. Flood insurance may be required. Offer does not apply to existing Seacoast Bank credit lines. Seacoast Bank may pay all or part of your closing costs, excluding appraisal and title policy, with an immediate draw of $25,000. Closing costs generally total between $225 and $5,000. Cancellation Penalty: In exchange for our agreement to pay all or a portion of your closing costs that would be otherwise payable by you, you agree that your account will remain open for at least 2 years from the date you open the Home Equity Line of Credit account. If you fail to keep this requirement, you will be required to pay an amount equal to the third party closing costs paid by Seacoast Bank. Loans subject to third party closing fees to cover Florida doc stamps and recording fees.

2. Carve out will reduce the availability under the line and as the loan is repaid the line availability is replenished automatically. APR is for terms up to 36 months. Minimum Carve out of $2,500 and a maximum of 3 carve outs will be permitted at any one time. Rate effective January 04, 2021 , and may change based on market conditions. Monthly payments based on a $25,000 loan at 4.824% APR would be $747.29 for 36 months with a one time $50 Carve Out fee. Offers may be withdrawn at any time. Loans subject to third party closing fees to cover Florida doc stamps and recording fees.

Seacoast Bank NMLS# 608046

What You Need to Apply:

  • Driver's license information
  • Income3 (monthly and annual)
  • Collateral address and approximate value

3. Supporting documents may be required and can be gathered by a Seacoast Bank representative if needed.

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