A letter from our CEO, Dennis S. Hudson III

As Floridians, we are all too familiar with a hurricane’s destructive nature, even so we were still humbled by Hurricane Irma’s damaging impact throughout our state. Our Board of Directors, the entire Seacoast Team and my family and I hope that all of you and your families made it through the hurricane without any harm to you personally or damage to your homes and businesses.

For those hurting, our message is simple: We are open for business – and here to help. And while it may take a while to get back on your feet, Seacoast will assist you along the way.

We were prepared. Well before the hurricane struck, our business continuity team superbly executed our storm plan – preparing staffing back-up plans, ensuring generators for our branches and ATM network, confirming our vital data centers were prepared, and making certain our mobile and online networks remained fully operational throughout the weather event. 

Our associates, call center, branches, ATMs, website, and mobile banking are available now to help customers and others – from consumers with banking and mortgage needs to small and large businesses with lending requirements – just as we have for more than 90 years. We have a full range of Hurricane Irma recovery solutions in place, from ATM and other fee waivers to a number of loan programs.

Please visit www.seacoastbank.com/irma for more details. To inquire about any of our services, we urge customers to visit their banker or call 866-710-5778.

I am so proud of our entire Seacoast team, and especially of our front-line and support associates, whose dedication has made it possible for us to continue to serve you during this difficult time. To them, I say thank you.

As Seacoast’s banking territory in the state continues to expand – most recently to Tampa and other West Coast locations, Orlando and into Central Florida – we have become even more mindful of the impact that each severe storm can have on our customers and communities across the state.  Even during a severe storm, we know our customers need to remain connected to their financial lives at all times.  The critical investments we made several years ago in digital banking and in our call center proved to be important connections for our customers before, during and after the storm. 

While we continue to invest in such technology to enable even more convenience for our customers, it’s our dedicated people who matter most, especially in a time of crisis.   

A final thought. My father, our chairman from 1990-1998, other family members and I weathered Hurricane Irma at our home in Stuart. Over the years, we have experienced many damaging hurricanes, and each is worrisome and impacts us.

But with each, including Hurricane Irma, we emerge on good footing and continue to enrich our value throughout the state as a reliable, responsible partner to help our customers achieve their financial dreams.  As Floridians, we will continue to stand together.  


Denny Hudson2.jpg

Dennis S. Hudson III, Chairman and CEO