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Home Equity Line of Credit Features:

  • Home Equity Line Rates as Low as 3.25% APR*
  • The Credit Carve Out** feature offers the security of a fixed interest rate with the flexibility of a line of credit allowing you to lock in a fixed rate as a good option if you want fixed monthly payments or have concerns about rising interest rates 
  • Carve Out Rates as Low as 3.00% APR**
  • Flexibility to borrow as little or as much as you need based on your lending needs 
  • Receive potential tax benefits (consult with a tax advisor) 
  • Manage unexpected expenses, consolidate debt or cover costs like home improvements or tuition

Things You Need to Apply:

  • Driver license information
  • Income*** (monthly and annual)
  • Collateral address and approximate value

For local decison-making, a fast closing and dependable service, choose Seacoast Bank - a new kind of community bank committed to helping people improve their lives and communities.

Applying for Your Home Equity Line of Credit is Simple!

Step 1

Gather Your Info
We've listed out the items you'll need for your application in the "Things You Need to Apply" section above for your convenience.

Step 2

Enter Your Info
Submit your information in the secure account that will be created when you click "Open Now" below. You'll have the ability to begin and save your application to return to later.

Step 3

That wasn't so bad, right? A local, Florida lender will follow up with you in one business day or less on the status of your loan.

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Call 800.706.9991 to speak with a local representative or Live Chat.

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Four Promises. One Goal.

At Seacoast Bank, everything we do is based upon core beliefs summarized in the Four Promises we make to you. When you entrust your banking to us, we promise to:
Promise One
Get you comfortable with the right team to serve you.
Promise Two
Make your day-to-day banking simple.
Promise Three
Resolve out-of-the-ordinary items responsively.
Promise Four
Invest in you and your community.
Our philosophy is dedicated to the promise of simplicity, convenience, expertise, community, and technology with a human touch. On account of all this and more - on account of you - it's time for Seacoast Bank. A smarter bank. A connected bank. And, just as importantly, your local bank.