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Manufacturing and Warehousing Trends

Posted by Seacoast Bank on Sep 28, 2018 4:13:34 PM

shutterstock_467541443_BWEDITEver wish you had a crystal ball? Even though we don’t have one either, we’ve been keeping our eye on your industry and have discovered some interesting (and profitable) trends that we think will continue well into next year.

Trend 1: Shorter turnaround times

Your customers want their orders delivered faster than ever – and are willing to pay extra to make it happen. But is it worth it for you and your bottom line? 

Although the cost used to be high for the service, some big-name companies are making same-day or two-day delivery cheaper. They are utilizing local and regional last-mile delivery services to decrease their turnaround times without decreasing their profits. 

Trend 2: DIY last-mile deliveries 

You have two options when it comes to providing fulfillment: outsourcing to a last-mile delivery service or trying to do the deliveries yourself. Insourcing with your own staff and trucks to deliver packages nearby is the obvious answer, right? Slow down.

Don’t forget to add in the costs of insuring your own fleet and employees if you choose to insource as opposed to just hiring a third party to deliver your packages. You might want to tap the brakes on making a decision until we can get together and figure out which service makes the best sense for you. 

Trend 3: Unconventional logistics experimentation 

Here are three logistics methods that you are going to be hearing a lot about for years to come: drones, driverless vehicles and robots. And as strange as it is to believe, you will probably be using one or two or these services sooner than later once they get the kinks out. 

Drones have limitations on what they can carry, and each municipality has its own rules about drones and their airspace. Driverless vehicles have already experienced wrecks, and potential technology glitches on the road present a whole new host of problems. And robots? They take away the customer service aspect. 

Trend 4: Safety issues 

Everyone wants everything faster, faster, faster! As we see companies striving to decrease their turnaround time, more accidents could potentially happen due to this increased pace. This includes on the road, in the warehouse and even online. 

The hurry-up factor, the untested automation factor and the untrained employees factor will all equal more safety issues – not to mention an issue that’s growing as fast as technology itself: cybersecurity. shutterstock_552808813

Trend 5: Regional warehousing construction 

OK, if everyone is looking for better methods to get packages to your front door, guess what else they’ll need? A location to distribute packages to delivery drivers. And that means warehouses. 

Companies are building regional warehouses and fewer major warehousing hubs. And that’s great news for you because smaller regional warehouses are easier to get approved and constructed, which means you can get your products and services out the door faster. 


No one knows this region – and your business – better than Seacoast Bank. When you’re ready to take the next step, we’re ready to go the extra mile for you.


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