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Outgoing Wire Transfers

Seacoast's electronic funds transfer system can eliminate the time and cost involved with paper-based transactions. Transfer requests are processed on a same-day basis via our Business Online Banking system. Customized limits and RSA Token authentication ensure your transactions are secure and processed in a timely manner.

ACH Credit Origination

Cost and efficiency are some of the main benefits of originating payments via the ACH network. When sending numerous payments or repetitive payments, this is the method of choice. Often businesses will use this for "direct deposit" of funds to employees, retirees or other recurring payment recipients.

Online Bill Payment

Using this feature of our Business Online Banking system allows you to pay vendors or customers electronically. The system will originate the payment based on the information you provide and the date you schedule the payment. All transactions will post to your designated account and be recorded for future reporting.

Business Online Payroll

We offer a full-service payroll solution that you can access anywhere, anytime. Business Online Payroll is the online alternative to costly traditional payroll services. Focus on growing your business, not administering payroll. Pay employees through direct deposit or by check and enjoy these benefits.

  • Ability to adjust employee hours and pay rates every pay period.
  • Employees can access their own payroll information, deductions, withholdings and 401K totals.
  • Automatic federal, state, and local payroll tax calculations and filings.
  • Direct deposit and e-mail notifications to employees.
  • 24/7 processing availability anywhere you have internet access.
  • Free, unlimited live customer support from payroll specialists.

Business Credit Card

A new and improved credit card program is on the way! 

Our new program will feature a variety of rewards and non-rewards credit cards, allowing you the opportunity to find a great fit for your payment needs. If you'd like to be among the first to receive more information on the card program when it launches, be sure to fill out the form below! 

Fill Out the Form Below to Stay in the Know on our New and Improved Credit Card Program:

* Mobile and Online features not available for Personal Free Checking. No Fees at Publix ATM not available for Personal Free, All American, and Bank at Work Checking accounts.