The Seacoast Bank Note

June 18

Social Engineering Red Flags

There are several components to every e-mail message that must be analyzed to ensure it is legitimate. In this post, we will look at all of them...
June 12

Recent Events (PHOTOS)

Browse photos from this year’s community invovlement……
May 22

Top 10 Imposter Scams

Scammers work hard to make you believe that you've won something or you have an unexpected problem. Here are the top 10 imposter scams as reported to the Federal Trade Commission in 2014:
May 7

Recent Event Photos (2015)

Browse photos from this year’s community invovlement……
April 23

How To Avoid Tax Scams

Identity theft, phone and phishing scams top the IRS’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of tax scams this year. Here is some important information you should know about these common tax scams...
April 14

How To Securely Use Mobile Apps

Mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, have become the primary technologies we use in both our personal and professional lives. Here are some steps you can take to securely use and maintain ...
April 9

Photos From Recent 2015 Events

Browse photos from this year’s community invovlement……
February 27

Environmental Facts From The Sunshine State

Check out this infographic about the Sunshiny Great Outdoors of FL...

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