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Eggcellent Easter Memories


Holidays are opportunities to make lasting memories with friends and family. We asked our readers to share some of their best Easter memories from long ago, or from this year, and share some of their favorite Easter activities.


  • Joan Carucci
    "I still make Easter Baskets and Christmas Stockings for my grown adult children. Holidays are special times but the best holidays for me were where my children were little, those glorious happy holiday mornings, thank you God for giving me so many happy memories to hold in my heart."
  • Janet Brady
    "Where should I begin? So many Easter memories; attending sunrise service at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C., with cherry blossoms blooming, Easter sunrise service on the beach, dressing in new Easter outfits, coloring eggs, Easter lilies, family dinners, Easter egg hunts with the children then grandchildren and great grandchildren. So many precious memories. God bless!"
  • Kathy Nietert Turgeon
    "My sister and I would get a new dress and new patent leather shoes for Easter. Sometimes it would snow in Ohio on Easter but my sister and I would still wear our new dresses, gladly freezing because we thought we looked cute!"

  • Diane Havener
    "Happy Easter. We hid real eggs and some plastic eggs with money in them. My young cousin and my 2 young ones hunted them. Some had candy in them. My youngest found every egg with money in them so the other 2 were really upset. That girl must of sniffed out the money eggs."

  • Donna Hicks Murray
    "We went to church, out to eat and to Grant Park for pictures!"

  • Betty Campora
    "[I remember] getting a baby chick at the five and dime."

  • Gina Capuano
    "Spending my Easter with you guys. Happy Easter!"

  • Bonnie Siriani
    "We got new clothes & candy. [We] didn't get candy very often & mom usually made my clothes."

  • Mary Alyce Cameron
    "Being with family. Going to church on all three holy days with my family."

  • Carol Biglane
    "Our family would get together and we would cook a feast for our whole family and hunt colored eggs and put them in our basket."

  • Carol Grant
    "In 1953 I won my first bike visiting my cousins [on Easter] and I fell down the hill. I was so excited! LOL!"

  • Nancy Ollis
    "I Miss having the family all together and celebrating with A Geek Easter. [It was] a lot of work, but such a blessing."

  • Carmela Linfante Pomatto
    "[I found] a giant chocolate Easter Bunny next to my basket on Easter morning. But we weren’t allowed to eat the candy until after Mass."

  • Darline Dumas
    "When my mom was still alive all of us kids would go to her house for Easter and we would all go to church. After church the kids would hunt colored eggs. Those were good memories."

  • Doretta Sutton
    "My son loved Easter, one year I colored 72 little eggs. He was so excited and guess what? He found them all. We ate egg salad forever that week."

  • Patricia Hall
    "Yes, we had wonderful Easter. [My family] all came to my house and I cooked a real big dinner for all of them."

  • Patricia Long
    "I loved putting on my new Easter outfit (usually made by my talented mother) and getting up at the dark before dawn to go and sing at the Easter Sunrise services either at the cemetery or at the Aniad Shrine in E. St. Louis, Illinois!"

  • Fran Wright
    "I remember as a child my brother and I would look out the window and try to find the eggs. We always had to wait for mom to have 2 cups of coffee before we could look in our baskets or go egg hunting. Life was so simple then. We got all dressed for church then went to my aunt's for Easter dinner and she always made a cake shaped like a lamb."

  • John Shaw
    "When I was a very young child I would wake up Easter morning to an Easter basket. I would go out side to the driveway and I would look for tracks left by the Easter Bunny. I always imagined that I found those tracks."

  • Suzy Hamilton Boyle
    "I always liked the Easter egg hunt. And I can remember always, always my mom getting us three girls all the frills. New outfits and patent leather shoes, bonnet and gloves."

  • Rory Devine
    "I got Christian Eggs for my kids for Easter. Had 4 children so when they found 3 they sat on the couch. When they opened them up, each one had a meaning. One had crown of thorns, 1 had a boulder, 1 was empty etc. Each child had to think of the meaning before they got their Easter baskets. They learned so fast!! After Church Brunch!!"

  • Virginia Boren
    "I miss making all the Easter baskets for my eight children. Always was a job I loved doing. Now they are doing it for their kids. Love you all!"


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